Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tonight is the Night

You all know what is on tonight don’t you?? PROJECT RUNWAY 4!!! After months, and months of waiting this glorious day has finally arrived! I really hope the casting was done well and got some genuine people on the show. A couple of crazies never hurt…I just don’t want a whole cast of Santinos. So tune in on BRAVO tonight at 10pm. Yes, unfortunately it's on at 10pm, so we will be taping it. So please don't tell me anything that happened. I might be able to watch some when I work out tomorrow morning, but it's not a guarantee. But PLEASE watch/tape it. You won't be sorry!

Note: I’ll do my best in blogging this next week in a half, but I can’t guarantee anything. Ofoto is having a 20% of sale that ends on Thanksgiving, so I’m frantically working on trying to get projects completed…and we will have guests for the next week starting on Sat. as well.

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Sarah said...

I completely forgot about it. CRAP! I missed the whole episode. They better have a marathon day sometime soon. Dirty Sexy Money was on and Peter Krause makes me forget everything else. Darn him.