Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy (early) Day!

So this entry is somewhat inspired by Brianne's latest entry, since she too is an Aries. On Saturday is John's 31st birthday. Since I don't post on the weekends, here is my birthday post for him!

We are heading down to Santa Barbara for the day on Saturday to celebrate. We've already got our restaurants picked out and may catch a movie if that tickles our fancy. It will be nice to have a relaxing day away from home, especially since the guest bathroom is still a construction zone. I should really get some yellow caution tape.

I've decided to post a bunch of random photos of John, (random as in me being super lazy and just doing a computer search for 'john' and seeing what came up).

Here he is with his favorite cape. (The inspiration for me to make his nephew one for his b-day).
He's so fierce!

I think this might have been for Easter? Oh probably not. I think he often dressed proper.
Hold that thought...his sister Molly was the cheerleader of the family. This uniform was strictly borrowed.

One of our first photos together...Freshman year Sadie Hawkins.

We got this photo taken at Great America...we must have been 18-20. I know John thought he looked like a bad ass in this photo, and I love that I became a D cup! I tried to take that top home, but the clerk stopped me.
Here's a random photo from Rebekkah and Adam's wedding. I know it may look like I'm doing the robot, but FAKE OUT! I'm only striking the pose for the photo!

Another random photo from a friend's birthday party. I considered using this as our Christmas card photo.
Anyway...I am thankful everyday that John is in my life and that I met him when I was so young. As I'm getting older and our time together is narrowing I'm trying my best to enjoy every minute we spend together. He is the reason I get up in the morning and the reason I leave work at 5pm on the dot! I can't wait to see what the next 50 years hold! Love you babe!


Sarah said...

HAHAHA! I love your boots for Sadie Hawkins. I think I had some just like it.

BossyLucy said...

Was that a photo pf John in a He Man Masters of the Universe costume? I use to LOVE that show!! Happy B-day John!

Anonymous said...

wow, your final sentiment brought a tear to my eye...seriously (and yes i may be overly emotional these days) but i love to see people that are happy together. That made my day….happy bday john!!! enjoy the weekend! -mary

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to John. Now that he is approaching middle age, I might have to give him a few more strokes (not the physical kind). Lord does he need them.

Daniel and Brianne said...

Happy Birthday John! What a cute little tribute! You two are awesome! :)

Rachel said...

Wow, you guys really did grow up together! How romantic.

Judy S said...

Awwww! It's about time Mr. Wonderful got some
credit for being an all-around Great Guy!