Thursday, March 27, 2008

Team Pink!

Last Friday I was released from the chains at 3pm! I was so excited! We rarely get to leave work early on any day of the week, so it’s a big deal when we get to. It was interesting to hear what some of my co-workers were going to do with the extra 2 hours…one was going to go on a hike, one was going to nap, and I was off to repaint the guest bathroom!

I was reminded yet again of how lucky I am to have a husband, (whose number one priority is to make sure I’m happy), agree to paint the bathroom PINK!! You read right….PINK!!!!! This is definitely a historic event for John to agree to paint a whole room pink. (We currently have one fuchsia wall in our bedroom). However I’m not even sure if he sees it as pink, so if he tried to deny me the pink I picked out for the bathroom, I’m sure I could have won that argument.

Anyway…I failed to get any photos of the bathroom when it was green. Except for this shot, which actually has a yellow tint from the light:

It’s actually the first pink put on the walls, which seemed REALLY bright against the green. That is why I took the photo. I got totally worried that it was too pink! (I have no idea what a photo would have done to help the situation either, so don’t ask.)

Once we finished the coats and let them dry it didn’t seem that bright, but now every time I walk by it I love it more and more!

Here is a video shot by John. As you will see, he told me he was filming the room, but later when we watched it he said he just wanted to film me. What a turd!

I also just painted the frame of the cabinet under the sink the brown color, and it looks SO good! I am still in shock at how good it looks. We are definitely going to paint our linen closet doors the same color. See you later gross ‘ole oak!

We also installed our new light fixture, but we think it might be a tad too dark. It is light enough over the sink, but it looks a little dreary over by the shower. John says it's kind of romantic, but do we really want to be giving that vibe off to our guests? I think not. We really don’t want to have to get a new light as we like the new one we bought, but we also know that we would like our guests to be able to properly clean themselves when they visit. We may take a look at the depot’s catalog to see if they have another dark framed light. Their selection was pretty limited in the store.

We should get the majority of the work done this weekend, but it still won’t be 100% done as we have yet to pick out the flooring or buy the new toilet. John’s parents used these snap together tiles in their bathroom, which we are interested in trying out. They said it’s easier than installing regular tile, which would be nice…but the bathroom is such a small room it will probably be an easy job regardless. Heck! I bet I wouldn’t even have to help! Doubtful though...damn you home owner pride!

I will also need to make a new shower curtain before the job is complete. Ok…so I don’t really have to make the shower curtain for the job to be done, but I have the feeling it’s going to be a major design factor! I’m so excited! I’ve been carrying around the pink paint swatch in my purse just in case I happen to stop by a fabric store. I’m also thinking of getting brown bathroom rugs and brown towels.

I’ll update as we go along…but for now I will leave you with this classic ‘accidental’ video I took:

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Judy S said...

It is clearly such a plus to have a color blind husband!
Why don't people discuss this more openly??

I think it is really sweet that he was filming you instead of the bathroom! And your revenge video
didn't seem to bug him at all. Too bad, Amber!