Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Advice Please

Let's say a friend of your gave you a cool gift for Christmas one year. Then maybe 3 years later you want to give them the same gift, but a different design. Is that tacky? Part of me thinks it is and part of me thinks it isn't. I personally always try to give gifts to people that I too would enjoy. What if this was the same case for my friend? What if she really wanted the gift for herself? Would I be doing her an awesome favor buy giving her the same thing? Let me know what you would do please!


Sarah said...

I think it must have been about 3 years ago that I gave you a car for Christmas. I think it's totally appropriate to return the favor. And a blue Lexus is a great way to say "Hey you're a really good friend"

Judy S said...

Yeah, and I think I gave you a vacay in Tahiti.
It would be tres chic to regift it.

Seriously, she probably gave it to you because she really liked it. Are you going to give her the EXACT SAME gift? What's the gift? A day at a spa? An objet
d'arte? I need more info in order to make an informed decision.

Anonymous said...

Give it to her. Just write a note saying how you loved yours so much, and you thought she would love it just as much. I would feel great if someone did this to me, because then I'd know I had gotten them something they must have really enjoyed. If it was the same design though, I'd think you were re-gifting me!