Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I see you!!!

So I still do not have my new modem, although it's supposed to arrive sometime today. I'm giving it until 7pm. In the mean time I've found some free connection that is some what close to my house. Maybe the airport? VONS? I have no idea, but I have to be sitting some where near our window seat to get the connection. It often goes out while I'm trying to do some serious surfing, and has been really frustrated. However now for some reason I've got a really strong connection so I've decided to blog!

In the midst of my internet depression one good thing came out of it today. The new Gmail Video chat. It is AWESOME! Have you used it? It's really easy, (if you have a gmail account that is.) All you have to do is download the software and then you are ready to go! I know a lot of you have gmail accounts out there, but do you have web cams? I'm sure it's not that likely, but let me tell you that it would be totally worth it to go out and buy one. Put it on your Christmas wish list STAT!

Here are two screenshots from my chat with my mom today. First with Bella and then with Pearla.

My other friend Sarah V. also downloaded the software and we also had a brief chat. It's so cool! I have the feeling that the next thing Gmail invents will be a group video chat. So if you have family or friends that live far away I highly suggest in checking it out. The one downfall is that the person can tell if you aren't paying attention to them. Not that it happened to me...just FYI.


Judy S said...

Those are some sweet doggies! Did you see Bella
trying to horn in on Pearlie's photo? She is down in
the left corner.

I just want to warn everyone that if you are chatting with Amber you never know when she might just take your picture and post it for the whole world to see...

Daniel and Brianne said...

That is awesome...I will definitely look into that. I should focus on getting a new laptop cord first. Dakota has just eaten her third one. Apparently they are a expensive one at that! I guess I just have to settle for surfing the web at work for the time being. Hehe!

Sarah said...

Thank goodness you didn't take my picture on vchat. That would have been scary!