Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Best in the House!

To celebrate Martin Luther King weekend Molly decided to pay us a visit from Sacramento. Ok, so that really isn't the reason why, but it sounded good right?

We had a really mellow weekend which consisted of a lot of wii and eating tasty food. One thing that is awesome with Molly is that we have fun doing anything...or nothing.

I asked John to bake up some tasty bread for us and he totally did. It was kind of like an apple crisp bread.

I also made a torta rustica, which was so good. The more I have this dish the more I like it. John complained once again that there was too much spinach, but I swear you can't even taste it!

John had the great idea that we should head down to Grover Beach to check out the migrating monarch butterflies. Since we were heading to south county he had another great idea (shocking I know) that we should eat at Cacho's in Oceano. We have heard nothing but rave reviews about Cachos and how authentic their food is, so we were pumped.

The place was totally sketchy, (John's #1 characteristic of a good burrito shop), but I must say I was a little disappointed with the food. The worker there said they were known for their homemade tortillas, but let me say that it was nothing like the one I had in S.F. Maybe there wasn't enough lard? Who knows. At least Molly and I still looked cute while eating.

Next we headed to the butterflies. They were everywhere and seemed to be more active then the last time I was there. You can still see them in the sky even though the photo is out of focus. (Click to enlarge).

Here are two more photos:
John really wanted to go to the local teppanyaki grill while Molly was in town...just because he's obsessed with their fried rice. Seriously. Molly had the great idea to invite the Drexlers to join us which was fun, and also adding to the fun was our awesome chef. You could tell he enjoyed his job and was cracking some sweet jokes. Or maybe it was just Molly's cleavage that was making the difference. Whatever it was I didn't care, and either did John as long as he got extra fried rice.

It is truly absurd at how much food they give you during that meal...soup, salad, rice, veggies, and meat. As much as I like to eat, it's just way too much. After I was done stuffing my face I got to play with Lucas. As you can tell we are having a lot of fun:

Family shot!

Three amigos:

One shot of the ladies before we parted ways:

The next morning we slept in again, due to late night vid playing, and then went and had a late breakfast at one of our favorite places, Blue Sky, in Morro Bay. This was the first time I had EVER decided to branch out and I learned the hard way to stick with what I know. I ordered a BLTA with a fried egg, and someone forgot to put the egg on it. Not really the best sando I've ever had. The seafood omelet is WAY better.

Before we left we took a couple of photos of with the Rock in the background. I was surprised that Morro Bay was one of the few places we had yet to take Molly.
Overall it was a great weekend and I can't wait for Molly to visit again!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great time as always and I'll be there as soon as I can for more good times and great food and of course rocking out on vid games!

Samantha said...

My torta rustica recipe made the blog! I'm jealous, I haven't had an excuse to make it again.

Jenna said...

mmm, you're food looks awesome!

Daniel and Brianne said...

MMM....the torta rustica looks AWESOME! Also, I get really jealous when you mention places I can't eat at on a regular basis like Yanagi...total yum! :)
Looks like you guys had a great weekend.

Judy S said...

Sounds like a really fun time. If Molly can get
extra rice by showing a little of her fun bags, I say "Go for it"!

Bri said...

It all looks good, checking on the colorfull butterflies, going out to interesting Morro rock, living the good life!

Mauleigh said...

Supercute Sweater!

Sarah said...

What a fun time. And you know we all love any time Molly's girls make it into a blog. They're famous now!