Monday, January 12, 2009

Beware of Bejeweled

Wondering why I haven't posted in 11 days? Well it's partially due to laziness, and I blame the other part on Bejeweled 2. I knew it was bad when my parents started harassing me about my lack of blogging, but over the past few days all I have been doing is playing this stinkin' game!

What is Bejeweled you ask? Well you probably shouldn't find out as you will probably become as addicted as I am! Just so you know, it's a Tetris like game where you match up colored jewels. That's it.

I discovered it on Facebook, and probably played it for 2+ hours this past Friday night. The one thing I didn't like about the game, is that it gave me a minute time limit. So off to Google I searched and found a site where I could download it free for an hour. AWESOME! Well the awesomeness lasted until my hour ran out.

I finally decided to pay $9.99 to purchase it, and it has been one of my best decisions of 2009! How sad is that? I've played it almost all day today, and have yet to least I made it to the grocery store so my hardworking husband won't starve tonight.

I do have somethings to post about, as well as photos, so hopefully I can get my act in gear this week and entertain you all. If you are lucky that is.


DebJeffrey said...

Hi Amber:
You are too funny! Thanks for your post, but I know you haven't just been playing Bejeweled! Your trip photos had to take some time to organize, label and share...thank you!

btw, did you read the recent article about post-traumatic stress and Tetris? The article said that those in the military...or those who had experienced some traumatic event, had a reduced negative effect if they played Tetris! So, I say, be healthy and play tetris...or bejeweled!

Deborah = )


Sarah said...

Have you gotten to the point where as you try to sleep at night, you see the jewels in your mind and start playing the game all in your head? If not, you'd not truly addicted yet. Carry on!

Daniel and Brianne said...

You crack me up....its good to hear something from you! I know what you mean about being hooked to a stupid game. My addiction is Wurdle. Its a timed word puzzle on my i-phone. I still can't beat Daniel's best score and it KILLS me!

Judy S said...

I know time can fly when you are playing computer
games. Are you crocheting? That is a good way
to relax, plus you eventually have something to wear...