Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why don't you have a web cam yet?

Oh my way home to SLO, I was able to stop off in Ukiah and visit my good friend Rebekkah for a few days. I recently helped convert her to a MAC user, (YEAH!), and tried to give her a MAC 101 lesson. I think I did OK, but let me say she was an awesome student. It was great that she really wanted to learn the helpful tips I was teaching her.

One key thing I helped her with was to set up her Gmail video chat, and tonight we had our first official chat! She is camping on a friend of theirs property, and was hanging out in their home while one of her daughters slept and the other one watched a video. The home was on a generator though because she was not able to turn on any lights, so I chatted with her about 85% of the time in the pitch dark! So it was more like a voice chat on my part, but it was still awesome. She's lucky I'm so lenient.

Once she put a new log on the fire, I was then able to see her a little bit...although she was ALL RED and looked like the devil.
She asked me while we were chatting how to take a screenshot again so I told her. Not thinking that she was going to take one of us chatting! So I had to get her back. She's the one in trouble though because I have a blog and she doesn't. I did set one of her bookmarks in her new Firefox browser to this blog, but will she ever check it? Only time will tell.

Happy New Year!!


Bri said...

Keep on having fun and have a really great 2009!

Sarah said...

I love how the chat box says "you look red like the devil" because if your friend looks like satan, it's your duty to let her know. That way she can plan accordingly. You know, outfits and stuff. I believe it's rule #29 of being a good friend. Well done!

Judy S said...

Poor Rebekkah! Unless she checks your blog,
she will never know...