Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have just completed the third day of my new job and I must say that it is GREAT! I am SO thankful. Starting a new job is always risky, but I must say that this risk really paid off. All of my co-workers are SO nice and I'm getting to work on all sorts of projects that are new and exciting. I've definitely been thrown into the mix of things because they are really busy...which is good of course because no one likes to sit and watch the clock.

In addition to the awesome new job we also got some good news regarding John's job. The news is basically that he still has his job. Yeah! Hopefully we will both stay employed throughout the rest of the year.

I still have to blog about my Mid-State adventures from last weekend, but I've been trying to get ready for our garage sale this weekend. It's a MAJOR clean out this week!


Daniel and Brianne said...

Hooray for a new job and especially for one you like! So happy for you guys! xoxo

Judy S said...

All set for at least the rest of the year! I am glad
you like your new job! Not everyone can say they
enjoy their work...