Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Still Happy

We have now owned the mini for 4 days and each day I love it more and more. It still doesn’t feel like it is ours though…I wonder how long that will take. I really can’t believe how exciting having a new car can be. I have the hardest time not smiling while driving. Maybe it’s so exciting for me because I’ve had my Maxima for 10.5 years and I barely remember the day I got that car! How many cars have you had in the last 10 years? I know John has had 4. Think about it…for me, if I have one car every 10 years that means I will only own 3-4 more cars! That is not a lot, so it is a good thing we got the mini when we did.

I also think that adding to the excitement is that we’ve wanted a mini for so long and now our dream has come true. I honestly never thought I would get to own a mini. Well maybe not until I was 50. If you have a dream car, or a dream ANYTHING set the goal right now to one day achieve it. After feeling the joy the mini has brought me I want you all to experience the same thing by making your own dream(s) come true. Since dealing with my cancer I have realized that life is too short, and I for one do not want to have any regrets. (Which includes one day dying my hair a color in the rainbow someday).

We have yet to receive our owners manual, but it is kind of fun trying to figure everything out. I keep forgetting that BMW makes minis so it’s really like a mini (no pun intended) BMW. I keep finding similarities in the BMW we used to own. For one it has the dashboard computer which includes all sorts of neat stats. My fave is the temperate gage. John and I would always play ‘Guess the temp’ in the old Bimmer…ahhh the memories. It also has really heavy doors, super comfy seats, and stereo controls on the steering wheel. Man did I miss those! When we sold the Bimmer last year I really didn’t think that I’d ever have a car with that feature again.

Another thing that seems a bit odd to me is that I feel like the mini is our new baby. I know super weird right? But it’s true! I seriously want to take photos of all it’s firsts…car wash, filled tank, road trip, visitors, passengers, etc. Even the first night we had it home John and I checked on it before we went to bed. (Probably because neither of us could be believe it). I even washed the windshield last night! I have only ever done that at a gas station…not at home! I have the feeling there will be regular car washes happening on the weekends.

John’s company car got picked up yesterday. I’m actually a bit sad even though it wasn’t the greatest…although it did have some sweet features that my Maxima does not have. It was a total after thought that I realized I should have taken some photos of it. Last night I was looking through the photos I took this past weekend and I found this one.
The last shot of the civic. I’m so thankful John's eyes are open.

Note - Hopefully our new license plate will be MINIBOO...good guesses people!


Bri said...

That's fun reading about your new "baby" It probably gets good gas mileage too.

Daniel and Brianne said...

Miniboo! So cute! me and Daniel were both betting on a "SLO" plate but that's a good one. I think its great your so in love with your car! Some people get pets, some people get mini's! They are both cute! haha :)

Erica Heenan said...

I totally remember the random shot of John right before you left... It was great seeing you two and I love the new Mini!!!

Judy S said...

Miniboo? What kind of license plate is THAT?
And--guess what. I have had my Sable as long
as you had your Maxima. No plans to upgrade yet,
though. It only has about 76,000 miles on it. Oh, and
I have had a total of 7 cars in my life and I am 62. That's an average of a new car every 6.6 yrs.