Sunday, February 4, 2007

Dealer Calls Winner

I could not believe how beautiful Tahoe was… and that I had only been there once 20 years ago! I don’t think I had ever been to a place like that before. There wasn't snow in the town, only in the mountains. I guess it had been 3 weeks since it last snowed there… but it sure was chilly!

We got up bright an early on Thursday and hit the slops. I was pretty hesitant about the whole day as I decided to try skiing again (after snowboarding for a few years). I was not prepared for being such a novice and having NO skills! I did not forget how to snowplow, but the majority of the time I was like a puppy on newly waxed floors. I could barely make it to the ski lift line!

I do have something to be proud about… I made it off every lift w/o falling!! Let me tell you that is a great feat for me as I could NEVER make it off the lift upright on my snowboard. I had a couple of good runs and then I had a bad one. Instead of going wide around this little snowboarder that had fallen I cut the corner and went down this super steep part losing my balance and falling. The fall wasn't too bad, but my right leg bent a little too much. There wasn't instant pain, as I only felt that something was kind of off once I stood up. But I didn't really worry about it because it just felt sore. However standing back up was an ordeal in itself! What the heck? Is there some special way of how to stand up on skis after biffing it? John finally had to come over me and help pull me up, which almost didn't work!

After that we decided to go on a bit steeper run. It went ok until I realized that my right leg would no longer snow plow! NO matter how hard I would try I could only snow plow w/ my left leg… which meant that I could not turn left! I was just making a constant sharp right turn! It was really scary not having ANY control coming down the hill, so we called it a day.

It wasn't until we took off our gear did I realize how sore my knee was. It’s been getting better each day and it’s only a little swollen.

That night we hit the casinos and it was really fun. I was looking for a $5 black jack table which I did not find at the nicer casinos, so John finally made me play the $10 table. I was a little hesitant, but I did pretty good! Well at least I didn't lose any money. There were multiple people at the table that kept whipping out the $100 bills, and here I was changing $40, hoping I could make the money last longer than 4 hands! I think I walked away from the first table w/ a $20 profit.

We stop at Wild Bills casino which wasn't as nice, but it was non-smoking and it had $5 tables. It was definitely a different crowd though…but my dealer was the real winner. On one hand he miscounted my 19 as an 18 and tried to take my money until John called him out on it. Then a few hands later he dealt himself a 22 and called it a 21, which John pointed out to him again, and John wasn't even playing!! After that I was out of there! I've never had a dealer not know how to count! I was $35 ahead there so I was pretty pleased…however John had lost $50 on slots and roulette. That was the first time that I was ever profitable playing too! I really enjoy it...probably a bit too much. I’m lucky I don’t live closer to any casinos!

On our last day we woke up early, (once again), and went on a snowmobiling tour! It was SO MUCH FUN! It was only for 2 hours and it was not long enough! It was so great to be up in the mountains w/ snow all around. Once I got used to the feeling like I was going to fly off on every bounce it was quite enjoyable. We didn't realize how lucky we were that we took the early tour until we got back to the base and saw 36 people get off the bus. Our tour had 7 people total! We were also lucky that we found a snowmobiling place that was open. The first place we called said there wasn't enough snow so they weren't running their tours. I thought I would be more sore from skiing, but my back and legs are aching today! I'm totally walking around like an old lady.

Here is the photo that they took of us at the beginning and then charged us an arm and a leg for. (How could I not buy it?)

Here was one of the places we stopped on the ride, and as you can see John was keeping himself quite entertained. (Nice form!)

We had arranged for a late check out of our hotel, hoping that we would be able to make it back to the hotel by 1pm to change our clothes before we hit the road. We made it back by 12:40 and rushed to the room… only to find two maids sitting and having lunch in our room with the TV on full blast! I told them that we didn't have to be checked out until 1pm and they said no prob. So while they packed up their lunch, John and I had to change in the bathroom! Totally ridiculous!

On our way home we decided to drive up the West side of the lake to check out the views. It was really beautiful.

On the West side.

We stopped off in Sacramento and met up with Molly for dinner. It was great to see her and she took us to a great place called INK.

Overall it was a really fun weekend and I can’t wait to go back! (More photos to follow on ofoto).


Daddyo said...

The Scott family has a bad history with Olympic style skiing (remember Amy). Boo, I don't think that you are ready.

Batchelor Trucking said...

Hey, hey, hey, we our way to Tahoe too. That is so awesome you guys. We have planed for one day of skiing at Heavenly; I hope that it snows a little before we get there.

Joy has us all set up for a wonderfully relaxing time at the Grand Sierra in Reno. Looks awesome. We can’t wait. We are driving a load of car part to Atlanta today.