Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Campin' in the City

A few weekends ago I headed back up to the bay area to look for bridesmaid dresses with Amy and Rebekkah. This time Adam and Sydney accompanied Rebekkah and John accompanied me.

We drove up on Friday night and had a camp out in the Steinbuck’s trailer! It was awesome! I told John that if this was camping I was game! He told me I was dreamin’.

We woke up early the next morning and headed to the dress shop. We had an hour before the dudes showed up and dropped of the Kyd, so we were trying on dresses like we were goin’ for the gold in the ‘How many bridesmaid dresses can you try on in an hour?’ Olympic event.

As you can see, the dudes welcomed themselves right into the dressing room when they arrived!

Please note that the photo is blurry because the flash was turned off on my camera. This happened before we knew we could take photos of the dresses. (We were taking them incognito in the dressing room).

After the first round we went and Amy tried on her dress to see which veil she wanted. Syd could not stand the fact that she wasn’t getting to play dress up, so the worker let her participate.

Isn’t she the cutest?

Next we headed to lunch, where Syd and I enjoyed some French fries!

Next we went to another shop. We didn’t have quite as many customer service problems as we did the first time…mostly because we were on our own and were able to pick out our own dresses.

These were our favorites.

This one is the same brand and material as the red ones, just a different top option.

Oh I almost forgot! I had John pose with Sydney’s artwork. Man that kid sure has a violent imagination!


Molly Atkinson said...

You look SO hot in that red dress!! Ichey Wa Wa

Maggie said...

Are you sure that same cute kid in the picture with the veil is the illustrator of that violent artwork? That looks more like it might be JG's handiwork. Is someone trying to pass the buck?