Thursday, March 1, 2007

22 Days

Inspired by the wonderful gifts I received for my birthday from Rebekkah, Amy, and my parents, I decided to do the same thing for John! If there is one other person in this world that loves opening gifts MORE than I do…it’s John!

Here is the arrangement of gifts I set out for him this morning. Having all the gifts together looks like so many. (And there are still a few missing!) Since his birthday is on the 22nd I decided to only give him 22 gifts so he could open the best gift on his actual birthday. I also had to wrap each gift and not use any gift bags, as he enjoys tearing off the wrapping paper more! Such a sucka.

I did try to choose gifts that all uniquely represented something that reminded me of him. However I had to take on the issue of making all of the gifts practical. He is VERY particular when it comes to gifts and ALWAYS emphasizes that they should be practical.

He was very excited and shocked when he saw them this morning. But he did manage to do a jig of joy.

For the first gift, I printed out Cal Poly's baseball schedule and told him he can pick any game to go to.
I was hoping to go this weekend, but we found out earlier this week that John’s parents are coming into town. We still may get to go if the house projects don’t interfere.

A few weeks ago John called and told me that a co-worker reminded him that the CP baseball was in season and that he wanted to go to a game for his b-day. I was SO mad because I had already thought of that for a gift! So when I reminded him of that conver that this morning, he said he already forgot that he wanted to go! Ha ha ha

Hopefully these gifts will add to a very special birthday month for him!

This weekend Zodiac is coming out in the theater. GO SEE IT! My sister-in-law Molly worked on the costumes for it… and it looks really good! Make sure you look for her name in the credits!


Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

Oh, man, I had no idea about the practical nature of John's gifts being such a high priority! I guess an origami figure of Yoda isn't a very good gift, total bummer! I will have to try harder. Also, I'm not the best wrapper in the world, so JG is going to have to make due with his present arriving in a brown bag this weekend when we celebrate his 30th!