Friday, March 2, 2007

What is that Smell?

One of my gifts to John for Valentine's Day was concert ticket to go see Tenacious D in Santa Barbara. The concert was really good, as Jack Black and Kyle Gass were born to perform.

Side note: We actually saw them in 2001 when they were on tour w/ Jimmy Eat World and Weezer. That was one of my all time favorite concerts. It was the first concert where each act was great.

Anywho… the concert was held at the Arlington Theater, which is a cool place in it's self. It normally shows movies, but it also hosts other performers such as Jerry Sienfield.

Even though the show was great I must tell you that it was the crowd that really made me step back and take a look. I didn't stop and wonder what the crowd would be like, but I do know that the people I saw were not who I expected!

First I see a wide variety of punks! Ummmm… am I at the wrong show? Punks and the D… I do not see the connection.

Second I see the typical preppy Santa Barbara peeps who think they are too cool for school. They are typically there to meet and hang out with their friends, not to listen to the music. This was somewhat expected.

Third I see a slew of heavy metal head bangers! We are talking flannels and mullets! Well I guess if The D's music was close to any genera it would be rock…but definitely not head bangin' rock!

Fourth I see hippies! Are you kidding me? Did they find the tickets on the sidewalk? My mind was being blown at each turn!

So we get into the theater and all is going well, until the seats around us start to fill up.

First I see some punks to our right… they look harmless, but the odor that is drifting our way is not the most pleasant. It's kind of hard to describe. It definitely wasn't a clean smell, but it also wasn't B.O. I'll call it stank.

Next a big group of people sit behind us, with aromas of cologne, perfumes, shampoos, and who knows what else! At least it was better than stank!

Then a couple of collage guys sat next to me, and every time the guy would open his mouth it REAKED of salami! Totally nasty! Somebody totally needed to give that guy an Altoid!

So we sit waiting for The D. It's bad enough we have to suffer through the opening acts, but smells were over the top!

After the second opening act finish John and I got a strong whiff of B.O. Now who is it? We've got hippies two rows behind us!

Once The D take the stage the nice aroma of marijuana tops off the whole hodge podge of odors. Ahhhhhhhh how refreshing! Don't forget… the concert was indoors, very warm, and we had to stand the whole time.

Needless to say it was one concert that I'm sure I won't forget for a long time.


judylscott said...

He, Amber! I think you should have a review column in a newspaper so more peeps would have access to your zany humor and astute observations!!

Maggie said...

Sounds like The D needs to seriously entertain the idea of a song entitled "What Is That Smell?"!