Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One more set!

As some of you know, at my work there’s a contest going at my work, for those who want to lose weight. It was created after Christmas time where we all ate like pigs and felt like lardos. The contest covers a 9 month span and who ever loses the most fat/gains the most muscle will win a $300 shopping spree! Talk about a great motivation! Each month a trainer from a local gym comes and measures our fat. After my first measurement in February I was told the following:

Starting Body Fat %: 30.4%
Recommended Bodyfat %: 26%

February came and went and I really didn’t change anything in my workout routine. With the death of my grandma and getting sick I really wasn’t motivated to mix it up. I decided to get measured anyway, (despite the fact that there wouldn’t be a change); so that way at the end I would have all 9 measurements.

In March, my second measurement was as follows:

Body Fat % Muscle Mass Fat Mass
2/9/07 30.4 113.9 49.7
3/2/07 26.2 118.8 42.2
Difference -4.2+4.9 -7.5

WHAT THE HECK? I already reached my goal of 26% body fat in one month by not doing anything different? This was too good to be true! And it was… I contacted the trainer and asked her to double-check her measurements because there was no way I lost 7 lbs of fat and gained 5 of muscle. She double checked and sent me the following data:

Body Fat % Muscle Mass Fat Mass
2/9/07 30.4 113.4 49.5
3/2/07 29.7 113.1 47.8
Difference -.7 -.3 -1.7

Oh this looks much more practical (even though I was hoping that she didn’t mess up). Wouldn’t that have been sweet to lose weight just by thinking about it? In my dreams right?

Well I am very curious to see what the measurements will be for this next month. This past month John and I have been working out to Billy Blank’s (Tae-bo dude) Basic Training. Let me tell you that it is totally kicking our butts! If I don’t see a change it is going to make it harder and harder for me to deal w/ Billy at 6am! Or worse his side kick Shelley, who has no body fat, and thinks the workout is the best thing since sliced bread!**

I’ve also been walking during my lunch breaks w/ my co-worker Jen, who is also in the competition. I’m really not planning on seeing any physical changes until 2-3 months, but I’m hoping the measurements will show that I’ve been doing something different!

Even though I have a very good record for winning contests at my job, don’t be surprised if I don’t win this one… I have the feeling that the sweets are not aligned in my favor.

**Note: After viewing the video for the past 4 weeks there are some facial expressions and comments that drive John and I crazy… or make us laugh. Like when we do squats and the short lady squats lower and it looks like she’s a little kid. Or when Billy goes over to Shelly to use her as an example of how to do these abs twists. She instantly starts doing the move 5 times faster since she knows she’s on camera and wants to impress. Let me tell you that before we figured out what she did it totally threw us off! Or when she does her stomach crunches with the look on her face that says “I have the best abs in the universe and you all can eat it.” However I should cut her some slack since she does have a 6 pack

**Note: I also found out that Maggie actually takes classes at Billy’s Gym and has taken classes from Shelly! I couldn’t believe that one! I mean I guess it makes sense, but I was totally impressed!


Maggie said...

Yes, I have taken classes at Billy Blanks' studio and when Shelley teaches I have NEVER been able to finish one. I thought since I could make it through the DVDs that I would be able to make it through the class, but the classes are 10x FASTER and harder than the tapes! Plus, the instructors come around and stand by you and yell in your face to keep going. It's not pretty. Jessica Biel was in one of my classes and she finished, though. No fair.

Judy said...

Wow! I liked the first set of figures better, too! I thought maybe you were having some side effects from your thyroid!! No such luck, I guess.

Those taebo tapes sound hard core.
I am looking for interesting exercise tapes, but not THAT interesting, I guess.