Thursday, March 22, 2007

Welcome to the Club!

Happy birthday John! Well today John officially joins the new and improved 30’s club. His birthday month-o-gifts will also come to an end. I did however NOT come through w/ the big gift. :-( My plan was to get him the new Nintendo Wii game system, but they are sold out everywhere around here! I had no idea they were in such high demand, or I would have planned a little better. I’m hoping the other 22 gifts will suffice until we are able to track one down. Kind of a heart breaker.

Tonight after work we are heading out to Los Osos to go to our favorite Thai place, Noi’s. Then we are going to try to make it back into town to FINALLY go see Zodiac. I gave him the ticket below at the beginning of the month and we have yet had time to see it! I hope it doesn’t leave the theaters before we get to see it!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday John!

jenna said...

wow, a whole month filled with birthday gifts? that's insane! Anyways, happy bday John and good going, Amber, setting the bar pretty high for when Jay turns 30!

Tiger Woods the 2nd said...

Congratulations! You will now have to give me five more strokes. In their thirty's, great golfers hit their stride. It also helps when your opponent is getting sooooooo ancient.