Thursday, March 8, 2007

Men At Work

This past weekend/week John’s parents came to visit. They always come down ready to help out with the house, and this trip was no exception! John had made up a huge list before they got here and I have been so impressed with what they have gotten done.

First we made a dump run. Anytime we have a visitor w/ a truck we take full advantage of hauling large items or our crap to the dumb. I actually think the last time a visitor w/ a truck was here was last May?? So we’ve had about 9 months of crap collecting in our back yard. No wonder the flies had started to swarm! 1010 Yarrow was turning into the dump of SLO!

Two weekends ago I suggested to John that we organize our large storage closet since we had so much crap in it there was only a bout a 10 sq. ft. area to walk in. Once we started to clean it out, John got inspired to get it prepped so that he and his dad could install shelves in it this past weekend. Had I known this was going to happen, I would have taken a before photo… but instead I just have one of him painting.

He totally cranked it out… painting… new floorboards and electrical outlets… while I went through some of the boxes we had in there that had NOT been unpacked since we moved in! I know! Totally ridiculous! I did throw out some stuff, but there wasn’t that much junk since I had already gone through it all when we moved.

So the first trip to the Depot consisted of buying the shelves. They put them all up that afternoon and they look SO great! I had envisioned how I wanted this room to be, and it look so much better than I thought it would! You can now walk around in it the room and access everything. Too sweet!

On Sunday the plan was to finish the attic floor so we could actually use it to store stuff. John and his dad totally cranked that job out too! I was really impressed. John had already stored our Christmas stuff up there, by balancing the bins on the 2x4, but I feel much better now that there is an actual floor up there. There is even talk that during the next visit we might get a retractable ladder installed! That would be really convenient.

I’m sorry to report that I have no funny stories from this past weekend! It was all work. I also don’t have time to take any photos of the improvements this week. Now that the in-laws have left we are moving on to getting ready for more visitors this weekend and our joint birthday party. My to-do lists are huge, so there may be a mini dry spell of updates after this one!

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jenna said...

Wow Amber, that's great! But darn, I was really hoping for befor and after pics! I'm trying to take before pics of our house so that when we do things we will have the before and afters...