Monday, March 5, 2007

Not Again!!!

Yes… I have another injury…. BUT it is not my head this time. This injury is on the complete opposite side of my body… my toe. Yes… a few nights ago I sliced my middle toe. I was just walking in our living room minding my own business when WHAM-O! I ran into the corner of our table leaf.
(What was the table leaf doing on the floor you ask? Well we were in the middle of repainting and fixing up our storage closet, so it was resting in the living room). Once again I collapse on the floor screaming in pain… but this time I was trying to say “I’m ok, I’m ok” in-between the burst of pain…trying to let John know we weren’t having a repeat of the head incident.

John came flying out of the closet in two seconds flat! The last time I saw John move that fast was when he realized he was missing the Victoria Secret Fashion show on TV!

I kept telling him I was ok, but man did it hurt! He took my sock off to tell me that I had split open the skin on the edge of my toe. It wasn’t bleeding but it there was blood.

Once the pain died down I then started to laugh at how ridiculous it was that I hurt myself AGAIN! Then John grabbed the camera and said I would have to blog about this one too. Looks like I’m going for an injury a month this year.

2007 is the BEST!

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Daddyo said...

Next time you have an injury, be prepared for the photo shoot. Toenails need to be fully polished!