Sunday, March 25, 2007

Margars and Paparazzi

Two weekends ago John and I celebrated our 30th birthdays together! It definitely made the first hill much easier to go over.

On Friday night John’s college friend Scotty came down from S.F. We got to go to one of our favorite restaurants in town Novo. Right when we went out onto the patio John Spots James Cromwell. Most of you may know him from Babe, Six Feet Under or 24. (You know John made me put that in). San Luis had also been hosting their film festival for the past week and he was the honorary actor for this year. (Last year it was Morgan Freeman).

It was so funny though, because at first John could not remember his name! First he just started listing everything he was in… then he called him something ‘Cromwell.’ So then I said ‘George’ being that Six Feet Under was the last thing I saw him in! It wasn’t until later John remembered it was James. I was kind of bummed I didn’t have my camera. I would have been tempted to bug him for a photo if I had it. But do you know he now has a pony tail?? EWWWW!! Maybe it was best I didn’t have my camera!

The next morning John, Scotty, Dave, and one of John’s co-workers went and played golf. They showed up around noon and then we all headed downtown to go to Firestone. Was there any question? Not when John’s college buddies are in town. They are OBESSED with that place! When they came down last year we went there both Saturday AND Sunday! Ok… I should cut them a little slack, because I’m sure I would want to go there if I moved away. Nory, Jessie and Molly all met up with us there so they could get their fix too. (Well Molly was a newbie, but she soon understood the frenzy).

After that we came back to the house and John made some mojitos that were supposed to be for the evening… however I think they were all gone by the time we went to dinner! I guess the party did start a bit early since there were already party peeps there.

Next we headed to John and mines favorite Mexican restaurant, Vallartas, for dinner. It was so good! John was so excited because he was finally able to order the 60 oz. margarita! There was some fierce competition going on as Scotty and Dave both got one too.

Here is John showing off his and Scotty's... does Scotty look a little intimidated?

About a half hour into the party I started to get a bit worried as my surprise for John had not arrived! (No it wasn’t a stripper.) Then low and behold he showed!

John’s reaction

I had coordinated w/ John’s good friend John Farnham (who lives in NYC and was the best man in our wedding) to come to the party!!! I was SO excited! John was just stunned. He couldn’t believe that Farn was here!! What was great is that I managed not to tell ANYONE he was coming (which totally killed me), so the other peeps that knew him were shocked too! Molly was so excited she could barely sit in her chair! I was just amazed that he was able to fit it in his schedule, because a few days before he was in Hong Kong! It really worked out perfectly though.

Part way through the dinner Molly got a hold of my camera and gave a whole new meaning of the word paparazzi! She was a total wild woman and we were all seeing flashes everywhere! She then got inspired to sneak up behind all the women and get cleavage shots! I think I was able to block the first few, but then she got me. Don’t worry ladies, those shots will not make it into the ofoto album, but I may have to send the photos to you in an email. Some of you will be impressed at how good your cleavage can look!

Here are some of my favorite paparazzi shots:

Jen, Sam and I.
I'm not sure what is going on in this photo, but it looks like it was funny!

Stephanie and Farn

Two crazy people

Here is Hans giving Molly a shot of his cleavage! As you can tell Steph is more than trilled!

After dinner we headed back to the casa where I prepared the chocolate fondue fountain and Hans was nice enough to make us his awesome lemon drops!

Ellie, Steph and Sherrie diggin' in!

If the fountain wasn’t enough, we even had a cake! It was courtesy of my the company I work for. (It was part of the birthday package I won at our holiday party). It looked great, but tasted 10 times better than it looked! Can you believe it? Unfortunately some peeps left before we cut it, sorry suckas! But it actually worked out better that way because John and I ate it everyday for the following week! It was SO good… although every time I ate it I felt a little sick. It was either that or the huge amounts of left over food from Vallartas that my stomach was fighting with. This past week was a total detox!

At one point all of the dudes disappeared to the backyard to smoke two stogies. John and Scotty bought them the night before, but got a little distracted by Hustle and Flow, (you know it’s hard out here for a pimp…) , and didn't get to smoke them.

The paparazzi was at it again and got a few priceless shots:

We also got some really nice gifts. The paparazzi’s back up, Amy, got some sweet shots as well.

Here we are with our gifts from Molly. I am examining my new cute scrapbook supplies while John can already taste the curry he’s going to make w/ the new sauces.

Another good photo is of me opening my gift from Sarah. She got me a t-shirt from this one blog that we both read, Dooce. (She’s one of the original bloggers that got fired for what she wrote on her blog). It just totally cracked me up because it was something that I would like, but would never buy for myself!

We just hung out for the rest of the night and soon we were hitting the hay. We had an awesome breakfast the next morning (thanks to Molly). She brought up a ton of Noah’s bagels AND Krispie Kreme doughnuts! Heavvvvvvvvvvven! After we ate and did a quick clean up most people headed back home, but at 1:30 John and I headed to Bakersfield. Why you ask? Well stay tuned… that entry is in the future.

Overall, it was definitely one of my best birthdays, and I’m sure John would say the same. I must give a huge THANKS to everyone for coming and especially for those who traveled to SLO. It was really special to have everyone there. I just finished touching up the photos last night, so hopefully I will get them uploaded soon. There are some really funny ones! Stay tuned…


jenna said...

Wow, I can't believe how big those margaritas are!!! And yes, I totally understand the Firestone obsession and you know we will be there when we come to visit. (Though we do have some awesome BBQ out here in CO, too)

Judy said...

Hey, Amber!

What a great description of the party! I (almost) feel like I was

James Cromwell! He is one of my faves. I am a big fan of Babe, as you know!

Those Margaritas are obscenely huge! Please tell me that those guys didn't drink the margaritas and then go back to your house and down chocolate fondue and lemon drops. Yuck!

I'm coming down there this summer, so prepare yourselves for the retired mother-in-law!


Judy said...

Oh! How did I forget to mention that the first cleave shot was my own daughter in the background???

Molly said...

Yes!! This blog was totally worth the wait! I had so much fun reading it and remember how much fun I had at the party!! Thanks for thowing the top two parties in the first quarter!