Sunday, April 1, 2007

Plant Life

So I don't have a ton of time to write right now, as I must go watch the Amazing Race. However I didn't want to leave you hangin' on this Monday morning! Our weekend wasn't too eventful, so I have decided to just post a few photos for you.
this photo is of some flowers that recently bloomed. I received a bunch of bulbs from Rebekkah's baby shower 2 years ago and they are still going strong! We originally planted them in the mini yard we had at our condo, but then had to dig them up and replant them when we moved. Another orange one just bloomed and another one looks close.

I am sad to report that our succulents in our terrariums were not doing well. We had about 3 die, I think due to lack of sunlight. When we first went to the nursery they didn't have the type of plants we were looking for, but decided to get succulents instead. I'm so sad that they are no longer indoor plants...however I do hope they make it outside!
The survivors

Can you tell they were just planted?


jenna said...

too bad about the succulents...I'm not sure they'll do too much better outside though, aren't they a dry climate plant? Seems like SLO would be a bit too beachy for them :(

But the bulbs look great!

Judy said...

Yes, they have that transplanted look. They should definitely survive! I had to plant some outside a year or so ago and they
are TAKING OVER the planter box!
They should like your climate even more. Stand back! You don't want to be bowled over by spreading succulents!

The "flowers" are gladiolas.
Just so you know. Your great-grandma Myrtle loved them and grew LOTS of them. She even arranged them for my wedding. That was the job I gave her b/c she was good at it. Wish I had inherited her talent!