Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Quick Ukiah Visit

Greetings! So we just got back from our weekend in Humboldt, and man! Do I have some stories to tell! I'm going to have to start with a short one though because I'm on the verge of getting a cold, and I really need to get to bed soon. (Sleep is my best medicine).

On Sunday night we headed to Ukiah late afternoon to spend the night with The Steinbucks. Adam and Rebekkah made us a GREAT stir fry with a peanut sauce. It was SO good. I really love stir fries and try to make them often, but his was so much better than anyone I've ever made.

We just hung out for the night and I helped Re clean out her closet... well sort of. She had already done most of the work. I just helped her with the things she was on the fence with. I did make out with a super cute pair of shoes and some Old Navy sweaters.

We also went through two huge garbage bags full of baby clothes that she was going to donate. I took all her unisex items for Stephanie, and all of her pink items for Marijke (my hairdresser who just had a girl). Some of the stuff is SO cute and never worn. I can't wait to give it all to them.
Here is Syd at breakfast the next morning lookin' super cute! I love her long hair.

After breakfast I gave her a small belated birthday gift which included some chap stick. Here she is in action.

After that we took a walk around their property since it was such a nice day. Here is Syd showing us how she uses her hoe.

Before we leave we always have to get the following shots. I'm hoping to upload all the photos we have of each other over the last 2 years to see how much Syd has grown. Hopefully I will do that soon!
Here is Syd and John with her friend Cobra.

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Molly said...

Those are some HUGE grapes Syd has in front of her!