Thursday, April 5, 2007

Side of Fries Please...

Today I met up with the ear, throat, and neck specialist… and as I predicted, he wants me to get a biopsy! I swear! What do we need doctors for? The reasons I need to get a biopsy is because of the size (of the nodule) and that it’s solid. I guess they do the biopsy w/ an ultra sound to make sure they get the needle in the correct spot. Pretty cool eh? He said it shouldn’t hurt much more than giving blood…unless they have to move the needle around to get it in the right spot. I think I may need to take one of John’s Valiums that he got for his teeth! He also said that normally he doesn’t recommend his patients to get the radioactive test until after the biopsy, so he didn’t even care to see those results. He was really nice and friendly. Probably one of the best doctors I’ve met and I was only there for about 15 minutes.

He said the results can be inconclusive, show cancer or not show cancer. Then he said that he has seen biopsy results state one thing and then be wrong. He also said there were many options to take if the results come back inconclusive, so I asked them what they were. He said you can get another biopsy, or just watch it by getting ultra sound check ups every 9 months (to make sure it’s not growing.) But that was all he told me since we weren’t at that stage yet. I could care less if we weren't at that stage yet… my eager brain was just waiting to soak up new info!

I think he expected me to be more worried, but I told him that I’m not since I don’t have any symptoms. He also said that thyroid and skin cancers are the two most desirable cancers to have. I told him how my doctor said he’s never lost a thyroid patient and he said that’s the same for him… knock on wood… then he knocked on the door! Then his assistant Gay came to the door and asked if he needed anything and he said “Yes I’d like a cheese burger, fries, and a new thyroid for the lady.” Gay replied, “Right away doctor." And the doctor said, “Thank you Mrs. Focker.”

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jenna said...

wow, sounds like a cool dr...i hope everything is ok!