Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter, Pups, & Family

Hey all! I am here! Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been busy with a few freelance projects this week, which means it takes away from my bloggin time. I know... it's so sad... but can I really afford to turn away a few bucks? No way José!

We had a mellow Easter weekend which was nice. Molly came up from LA to drop of her dogs for two months, as she is currently working on a movie called Forgetting Sarah Marshall in Hawaii. As you can see it's still in the early stages as most characters have yet to be casted.

Having Bonnie and Clyde here has been quite an adjustment. I am just very thankful that John has had pet dogs before... unlike me who has NEVER had a pet dog. The first day was VERY tough. Everything was new to us and to the pups. Day 2 went WAY better, and now I'm happy to say that day 3 has gone just as well. It seems that Bonnie and Clyde have not had much training and don't really know who the alpha dogs are. John has already been working his magic and they actually stay when told. We worked a little bit on sitting tonight too. Clyde definitely picked it up quicker than Bonnie, but I think it was because he wanted the treat.

We also watched our first episode of The Dog Whisper ASAP as we became instant dog owners. Let me tell you that Cesar Milan is AMAZING! I totally love that show! I'm making John tape all the episodes. We did learn a few tricks from him which work, however I'm even more excited to try them on my parents dogs. Namely Pearl who totally runs wild. (Don't be alarmed parents... everything I learned is from Cesar and he is an experto!)

We do have to decide by Thursday if we are going to keep the dogs for the two months or take them w/ us up to Humboldt to John's parents. I'm ok either way, but I"m leaving the decision up to John since they are his sister's pups (and since he's doing the majority of the work).

over and died!!!!! John thought that since the bag was tied that it So far there have not been any major mishaps, and the dog are really well behaved for the most part. However John left me a nasty treat when I came home tonight. I opened the garbage to throw away our junk mail, only to be GASSED out by a doggie bag in the trash!!! I about keeled wouldn't stink!! I was so nauseous after smelling that!! However I can't be too hard on the dude, because who says I wouldn't have done it myself?

I'm sure I will have more dog tales soon, but I need to wrap this up, as I'm getting tired!

The weekend of our birthday party we headed over to Bakersfield on Sunday night. There we met up with a bunch of John's family to celebrate the March birthdays. The photo below is of the older kids.

John's mom Allison, Aunt Phyllis, Uncle John, Gramp's wife Mary, Gramp, and Auntie Jane (another fellow groundhog).

Here are the grand kids:
Molly, John, Mary, Gramp, Phyllis' kids Scott and Lindsay, and Jane's daughter Val.

These were not all the grand kids, but the ones who were able to make it. I hope we get to have more family get togethers, as life is not getting any shorter!

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jenna said...

Wow, instant dog owners, huh? It's a ton of work but sounds like you're doing well. I love the dog whisperer too. Seems like people either love him or hate him. I think what he says makes sense, so I like him. Anyways, good luck! Maybe when Molly gets back she will pay you guys for training them!