Sunday, February 11, 2007

Winna Winna Chicken Dinna

During this past fall/winter, John and I were involved in a football pool at my work. Each week you would only have to pick one team, and if your team won, then you could continue to play. If you got two losses, you were out. Well poor John got out on week 7, but I made it down to the final 3. We went on for quite a few weeks, just the three of us, and then finally I was victorious! I was SO excited! Many of my co-workers wanted to know if John helped me pick, and I said ‘No way! He was out week 7!’ I also had to tell them that back in the day I won the football pool at my dad’s work… and there I was competing with a bunch of mill workers! Even then they thought that my dad was helping me out! I swear I get no respect!

This past weekend my company also had two Super Bowl pools. One was a grid where each square was worth $5 and the other was a grid with $1 squares. This pool was totally random and did not take any skill. Each square was assigned a number and if your numbers matched up with the scores at the end of each quarter then you’d win. So I paid for 4 $5 squares and 5 $1 squares… and what do you know? The first quarter I won BOTH pools!!!! Can you believe that one? I as so excited! I almost won one of the pools for the second quarter but the Colts missed a field goal (I think).

Anyway John told me that I can’t win EVERYTHING at my work and people are going to start hating me!

I only got a little harassment on Monday morning by one person saying I needed to bring in some treats for the office, (which is mandatory of the regular season football pool, which I did). However I told him that my gambling winnings are becoming a dependant part in my income, so he was out of luck.


Daddyo said...

You could qualify as a professional in Nevada (with my help of course). You also use to love how I funded your major gambling habit.

Maggie said...

It sounds like we have a ringer for Vegas at Amy's bachelorette!