Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Blender is BACK!

This past holiday weekend The Steinbucks came down for the annual Grundbuck Reunion! We had so much fun, and I think it was their best visit yet. So hard to believe right? I guess when you throw one more Steinbuck in the mix it increases the fun-o-meter.

On Saturday John and Adam went to the Avila Beer Fest, while Rebekkah, the girls and I went to the beach. Here is a before photo of the dudes:

Before we parted ways we went to The Custom House for breakfast, and on our way back to the car, John and I saw the Blazin' Blenders VW bug. We both looked at each other with sad eyes, as we are still sad they closed down in SLO about 3-4 years ago. We loved going downtown on Saturday mornings and going to House of Bread first to get a baked treat, and then over to the blender to get a smoothie. We had totally burned ourselves out on Jamba Juice, and their different combinations were a refreshing change. We even became somewhat regulars, which surprised me since we only really went there once a week. However every Saturday the owner would be working, and I'm sure it helped that I got the same smoothie almost every week. When it closed down we were totally devastated. Knowing that I'd never have a Cherry Breeze or Yogi Berry again was SO sad.

So when we walked by the bug I looked up to see a new shop. What was it? I couldn't really tell…it kind of looked like a smoothie/ice cream place. WAIT A SEC!!! Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Was I hallucinating? As I entered the shop I started to hear angels singing and everything got really bright. I then saw the familiar owners face and asked her if this was a Blazing Blender, and she said 'Yes, we just opened today.' I just stood there stunned with my mouth hanging open. My mind was racing a million miles a minute, and I didn't know what to say! Finally my brain contacted my mouth and had me ask, 'Do you have Cherry Breeze?' 'Yup,' she said 'we have the entire original menu.' Of course I just stood there stunned again! I'm sure the owner thought my intelligence level greatly decreased over the last 4 years, or maybe I had been in some sort of accident. She did recognize John and I, which totally shocked me, but how could she not recognize the #1 Cherry Breeze fan? I mean seriously!

I told her we'd come back later to get a smoothie, which we did about 4 hours later. The LONGEST 4 hours EVER! Just kidding. They actually flew by as Rebekkah and I had a nice time hanging at the beach despite the semi cold weather. Sydney had the best time EVER as she entertained herself for 4 straight hours. That kid and sand is like Angelina Jolie and kids!

The after photo.
(Yes, that is John’s tasting glass in his mini pocket.)

The dudes met up with us after their drunken feast, I mean fest, and I got to head over and get a Cherry Breeze. By then the husband of the owner was there, and I once again got to share my delight in them opening up their new shop, and getting to have a breeze again. John of course was very 'happy' shall we say, and I was a bit worried that he would start rambling to them and embarrass me, which he did by mentioning that I would probably blog about them opening up their store! Dang him! Why does he have to give away all my secrets? I don't want to be known as the crazy blogger stalker chick! I mean I know I am, but I try not to blab that info all over town. Well I guess I don’t have to worry about that, because John takes care of it for me. What a sucka.

Anyway…the smoothie was SO GOOD! I can't even tell you how good it was to have it again. I foresee a new weekend tradition for John and I to bike ride out to Avila every weekend to get one. (That is if I owned a bike…hopefully the EBay Gods will answer my prayers soon and help John win one for me).

Yesterday I came across the following article on Let me just say that I am really glad the culprit’s name was neither John nor Adam, and that we had left Avila by 3pm!!

Naked man jumps on cars in Avila Beach

A naked man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of trying to have sex with a taxi cab in Avila Beach, authorities said.

Cody Eugene Williams, 27, of El Dorado Hills, was found about 6:15 p.m. on First Street wearing only his birthday suit and simulating intercourse on the windshield of the cab, according to San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s officials.

The cabbie was still inside the taxi, investigators said.

Williams, reportedly intoxicated, also jumped on at least three other cars and broke a windshield, sheriff's officials said.

Williams was booked at County Jail on suspicion of vandalism, indecent exposure and committing a lewd act.


Sarah said...

Why does the psycho naked guy have to be from the Sac area? Maybe he's going to relocate. We could use a few less crazies. Am I right Molly?

Mauleigh said...

Of course your right Sarah. My ex roomie fills the quota for crazy.

Judy S said...

Simulating sex on a taxi windshield? Who wrote this article? That doesn't sound like it came from a newspaper.

I am happy for you and Sucka, I mean John, that Blazing Blenders is once again open for biz. I will
have to make a pilgrimage there when I next visit!

Bri said...

Look at all the happy faces, yes!
Little baby is #1. What a lucky break to have the smoothies back! Got to have 'em!