Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I seriously almost caught my face on fire tonight! I was starting the BBQ and I kept trying to light it...but for some reason the spark wasn't catching the propane. I thought that maybe the tank was out, as we know it's getting I turned it up. I tried to light it a few more times and nothing happened, and then all of the sudden I saw this HUGE orange flash in my face! I closed my eyes and ducked and then felt my head to make sure my hair wasn't on fire! I guess it's a good thing I didn't put too much hair spray on today!

I kind of freaked out after it happened. The reality that I almost caught on fire set in. I started to think about what I would have done had I been in flames. John is down in LA this week so I probably would have had to run over to the neighbor's house for help. THEN I thought about outcome if I had in fact burned my face really bad. I could have totally been scared for life. What a reality check!

After all the times I've BBQed burgers I've never even come close to something like this happening. I was actually BBQing chicken tonight, (first time), and man does it take a long time to cook! I totally thought it would be quick like burgers are, but when I cut into it after about 5-10 mins the middle was still raw! I swear everyday is a learning experience.


Sarah said...

I'm so glad you're ok! I'm not sure you would have looked great with no eyebrows. Sorry

Lori said...

Scary! Glad you are okay...I'm always freaked out by lighting the grill...I usually kneel down and look away as I hit the igniter. I'm guessing that'll be your method to, from now on, that is if you have the courage to try again!

Judy S said...

Kneeling and looking away. That will have to be your
new motto. Maybe John needs to give you a refresher course in BBQ lighting 101

Big D said...

After several margaritas, propane should be avoided. I still start my barbeque the old fashion way, put some started fluid on and wait and then light. I thought that you learned that method during all of your "garden parties" in Fortuna.

Mauleigh said...

Is your face on fire or are you just excited to see me?