Monday, May 5, 2008

Feliz Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Above is a the cake I slaved on tonight for my work potluck tomorrow. After getting so many complements on my weak ass shamrock cake I made in March, I knew I had to kick it up a notch. Now if I receive compliments on this cake I won't be ashamed to accept them. I think it turned out pretty good, except for the cone part is a little too high. I just hope people will be able to tell what it is! Maybe I should have put it on someones head...oh well.

Here was my inspiration for the cake:
After the cake I then had to make some guacamole. We are having a salsa and guacamole contest as work as well. I really hope I win, although my guac isn't anything special. I mean it's good...but I'm not sure if it will stand out enough to win.

My weekend wasn't too eventful, except I did get a massage on Saturday and it was SO WONDERFUL! I think it had been like 4+ years since I had had one too! Let me say that I want to get one at least once a month now! I was so amazed at how the masseur could find knots in my back that I never knew were there! I really need to start playing the lotto.


Sarah said...

Is the lotto so you can afford to get massages every week? Sorry just trying to keep up.

And the cake looks fantastic! I wanna work where you work. We are doing nada for this great holiday. Maybe I'll grab Dyena and go to Taco Bell.

Lori said...

The cake is amazing! I can't believe you also had to do guacamole...that cake wasn't enough???!!!:)

Judy S said...

The lotto? So you can have more massages? Maybe John should take a class in massage. Then you could have a masseuse (sp?) IN HOUSE.

I LOVE the cake! Remember when you wanted to be a cake decorater for a career? It looks like you could still do it--maybe moonlight a little.

Who won the guac contest?