Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Popcorn Time!

We saw two movies this past weekend. The first one was Shine the Light. John and I saw the preview for this movie a few months ago, and it looked great! It implied that the film was a documentary about a Rolling Stones concert filmed by Martin Scorsese. Sounds good right? Well I'm sure it would have been if that had been what they showed on the screen! John and I were both really disappointed to sit for two hours and watch an entire concert of the Stones. (No offense Stone fans). That was it. maybe the first 15 minutes were documentaryish, and in between every 2-3 songs they would show an old clip of the band being interviewed, but other than that it was Mick and the gang rockin' out. Since I am not the most hard core Stones fan, this really wasn't my type of movie. I really enjoyed the old footage from the 70's, but there wasn't really enough of that to carry the whole film.

Now obviously there were other people in the theater that new what to expect. Such as this one lady who bobbed her head to every song along with lip syncing each word. I'm not sure what the couple she was with thought as their heads were not bobbin'. I was waiting for her to jump up in the isle and start dancing like Mick.

So if you are a true fan then you will enjoy this movie...dad. Although I must warn you that the Clinton Clan makes an appearance, but I think that your love of the Stones will out weigh your hatred.

On Monday my company was given a half day, which was AWESOME, so John and I took advantage of the day by being very productive and going to see Iron Man. Now let me tell you that I was pretty skeptical about seeing this movie. For the most part I do like super hero movies, but let me tell you I have seen my fair share of bad ones...i.e. the first Hulk movie with Eric Bana, and that one where Ben Afflack is a blind super hero. L-A-M-E.

There are quite a few super hero movies coming out this summer, which I know John wants to see, and I've already tried to warn him that I will not want to see all of them. I think I will enjoy Batman, Indy, and maybe The Fresh Prince's new one, but I really do not want to see the new Hulk. I mean that last one was SO bad, and this one looks like it might be on the same level. All I had to see in the preview was Tim Roth saying "Let's level the playing field,' right before he gets injected with some super villain serum, so he will be able to take down The Hulk. Spare me!

Sorry...where was I? Oh right...so I wasn't too sure how Iron Man was going to be, and I thought it was just ok. Nothing too special. After all the buzz I heard about it, I thought it would have a little something extra, but it didn't. Robert Downey Jr. did a good job, and Gwyneth's hair was really cute, but that was about it. Oh! Jeff Bridges totally creeped me out with no hair and only a beard. I really prefer him as The Dude.

John actually felt the same as I did towards this movie, so at least we are still on the same wavelength. I also must say that the comic book crowd was definitely out in full force Monday afternoon. You know the type...imagine him with a hint of b.o. as well.


Sarah said...

I know what you mean about the superhero movies. I really want to like the new hulk because it's got Edward Norton who is one of my favs, but it just looks so stupid. I doubt my love of all things Norton will be able to overcome my hatred of all thing lame.

Mauleigh said...

Who let John pick the movies? If their isn't eye candy, a cool fight/explosion scene, or a car knocking a helicopter out of the sky, I say netflick it.

Judy S said...

Well, Daddy will no doubt try to get me to go to the Stone's flick. I have to remember the title so I don't get tricked. Thanks for the heads up on Iron Man.
The reviews I have read made it sound good. Yes, this is definitely going to be the best season ever for the fans of comic book heroes (Eric). Eric even goes to comic book conventions, so he almost HAS to see every one of the super hero offerings.