Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TWO of Each please!

Dear Mr. Food Distributor at Firestone,

I understand that your manager has probably told you, (and your fellow co-workers), to only hand out one ranch and one BBQ sauce per customer. I’m assuming that it is most likely cut down on cost, which makes sense to me. However I am not a typical college student customer who probably does in fact waste the sauce. I have been a loyal customer for the past 13 years, and have dealt with many things, such as the remodel, and the constant rising price of your tri-tip sandwich from $4.99 to $7.99.

When I asked you for two sauces I really did need two...for the meal in front of me. I wasn’t planning on taking the extras home with me and stocking my fridge for my next BBQ.

I understand that my tri-tip sando and side of fries is normally what one person orders, so that is why I told you the meal was for two people because I could tell that you didn’t believe that I needed extra sauce. I do not appreciate the fact that you still did not get me more sauce and that I had to further explain that my husband mixes a ranch and BBQ sauce together, which I do not like, and that is why I needed two of each. Just give me the friggin' sauce and don’t cop me a tude! I mean seriously! If you really need to be that stingy with it start charging a quarter! I’d rather pay a quarter then have to justify the reason of why I need extra sauce. I’m surprised you still have free napkins.

You totally wrecked my dining experience.

Disgruntled customer who will continue to order extra sauce just to stick it to you.


Samantha said...

You tell'em Amber! And ask them to pass the message on to the surly beverage girl at the Grad.

Amber said...

oooohh - man I have a good one of these, it happened last year and I'm now sending the complaint because people are still telling me horror stories about this place! UGH1 Way to go, we're even more alike then we thought!

Bri said...

They're so stingy! The little freebies like that make a difference.

Sarah said...

Are you kidding me? That's ridiculous. It had better be the best and most expensive ranch and BBQ sauce in the world to justify that behavior. You should take extra napkins just to stick it to them.

Jenna said...

ahhh, Firestone. Sooo good, why the unfriendly customer service? I don't remember anyone being so stingy when we were there! Boy do I miss their tri-tip!

Mauleigh said...

HELLO!!! Show him the girls and you would have had a life time supply of ranch and BBQ sauce. I've only been there once and I still haven't finished using all the little packets of ranch.

Judy S said...

Well, I see Mauleigh has no trouble getting sauce everywhere she dines. Great solution, Maul!