Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Tid Bits

How come I have never heard of the Apple Carmel drink at Starbucks?? I had two this past weekend and it is one of the best things I have ever tasted!!! Thank goodness it’s seasonal!

My good friend Molly received the Christmas gift I sent her last week. I saw it on Oprah’s favorite things and I knew she was the perfect person to receive the gift. She blogged about it here if you are wondering what it was.

Molly and Sarah also had their annual cookie decorating party this weekend too. Unfortunately I was not able to travel to Sacramento to attend it, but I think Sarah’s blog about it sums up what a success it was! (Plus you must see how creative they are with their cooking skills!)

I also found another LOST preview online, and this one looks much better!


Sarah said...

Yeah the carmel apple cider thing is awesome. Realy Really sweet but good.

"Creative" cooking skills? That sounds so much better than pervy or juvenile. Next year you totally have to attend!

Judy S said...

Hey, Amber!

Enjoy knowing you gave the PERFECT gift! That doesn't happen too often in one's lifetime!