Monday, December 3, 2007

The Time is Here!

Christmas is definitely in the air, and I love seeing reminders of it every day! Even though I've been in Christmas mode since the beginning of November, it's nice to have everyone caught up! I mean come on people! Tis' the mother grabbin' season!

Last week I went to my first holiday event of the season! I heard about a holiday boutique here in town from another blog that I stock, oh I mean frequent! The boutique was being held at a lady's home that was a little bit outside of town. I must say that Jen and I found it with no problem, however we heard that tons of people got lost! In fact I remember seeing some people pulling down wrong streets, and thinking that they were probably lost. Did I stop to help? No way! I just laid on the horn and yelled 'SUCKERS! I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU AND BUY ALL OF THE CUTEST ITEMS!' out the window. Ok so maybe I didn't do that as I do have some Christmas spirit. I did give the other drivers the benefit of the doubt because there weren't any streetlights around. I was just lucky to have a good co-pilot.

We knew we were close when Jen spotted the rays of a flash light up ahead with her eagle eye. As we got closer we saw this young boy, (no doubt the son of the household), out there waving the crazed shoppers in the driveway. You just know he was lovn' that job!

We parked and were then told, (by the man of the house), that a 'shuttle' would be back soon to take us up the rest of the hill! Jen and I looked at each other like 'you've got to be kidding!' Where the heck were we going? I was hoping we wouldn't be a part of 'Deliverance II: Christmas Shoppers in the Wild.' Luckily Ned Beatty was not our shuttle driver, so we were safe. The shuttle took us to this magnificent house. It was quite breathtaking and we weren't even there in the daytime!

We walked in and it was already a mad house with rich older women having the 'crazed shopper' look in their eye. One of the first places we stopped was at Lisa's jewelry, and let me tell you it looked even better in person! I could not believe it! I introduced myself to her as the blog stocker and she was very nice. Thank goodness! You never know how some might react. I guess it was good that I didn't look like a crazy person...just a crazy shopper.

There was so much to take in and so much going on. I wish I had photos to show you of the house, as I know my descriptions wouldn't do it justice. I do need to tell you that they had what looked to be like a craft room. On the wall were some cabinets with built in racks for wrapping paper and ribbons…along with family photo albums all neatly organized by year. Can you imagine having a room like that? They also had a gigantic chess set out in the back yard next to their pool. The decorating was amazing as well, and even though it was really nice and fancy, it still had the 'lived in' feeling. Or maybe that was the dirty underware I saw on the floor. Jk!

Seeing all of the different booths was very inspiring. It made me want to have my own craft business! But what would I sell? Aprons w/ the pockets sewn shut? Yeah those would sell like hot cakes! Any takers?

I bought these cute little holders that are for gift cards, and another gift for someone that I can't mention here on the blog.

Overall the stuff was really nice, but I have hard time buying things that I know I could make myself. This one lady was selling matching scarves and doggie jackets….for $55! Talk about over priced! Granted the yarn she used could have been pricey…but I know I could learn how to make those one day. (Sorry mom, you'll have to wait for those).

I'm so excited that the holiday season is upon us! I have holiday events every weekend in December and a few during the weekdays as well! Last year was my first really busy holiday season, and it was so much fun. I had John take down all of our holiday decorations last week from the attic, but were too tired to do anything with them! That is right…we are still recovering from Thanksgiving! But this weekend we got motivated and put up all the outside lights, got our tree up and decorated, (I) decorated our snowman tree, and I put out all of our other snowman decorations! I'll try to take some photos for you this week. I'm not sure how exciting they will be for you, but I've already had one request. Tis' the season!


Sarah said...

You can't mention the snowman tree and not have a pic. We've come to expect more from you.

I totally want to go to the Deliverance: Christmas Edition house next time. Sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

Judy says:

That Xmas Boutique sounds really great! It must have been a really big house.

Bring on the photos! We'll tell you if they are boring!!

I have finally viewed the vids by Wham. I must say, they were so uninspired. I had forgotten how plain vids were in the 80's. And when I saw the one with John Candy in it, I thought Geo Michael had a time when he was obese! But, I figured it out.

FYI: you want to say "stalk", not

Brianna Heldt said...

Hey I'm glad you got to meet Lisa, she's the best! So funny that you had to take a shuttle, I would've been scared too. :)

(Thanks so much for your email, a response is forthcoming, I promise! :) )