Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Giving has Begun

Yesterday Jen, Sam and I had our gift exchange and let me tell you I TOTALLY SCORED! I first got a hand made knitted scarf from Sam. It looks SO nice and perfect that it totally looks like it was bought in a store! It’s also the perfect length and thickness. I’m even MORE impressed because as some of you will recall I took a ‘beginning knitting class’ this past summer, and made that sweet hobbit pot holder.

I can’t wait to model my scarf in freezing Fortuna next week. I also realized last week that I totally blew it and didn’t officially ask anyone for a scarf this year! I mentioned it to my mom a week ago, so we will see if I get another one. My ones from last year are looking a little ratty…and I don’t think John likes me dipping into his scarf stash.

Sam also made Jen an identical purple one. I know most of you may think it is odd that I did not get the purple one, but my color tastes have changed over the last 10 years, and I am more keen to pink now days. Am I reverting back to a little girl? Should I be worried? Bring me a scotch! See? I’m still mature.

So I was originally going to paste myself into the photo of Sam and Jen, and not spend a lot of time making it look legit. However…it totally looks good and I hardly did anything to it!

Jen got Sam and I the CUTEST sewing kits to hold all of our sewing supplies! I’ve never seen such a cute/modern/young sewing kit in my life and was totally worried that I’d be suck with a dorky/old ladyish one like my mom has. Sorry to be so harsh mom, but I know you will want one just like mine after you see it!

Isn’t this better than a zip lock bag?

Even the handle is super cute!

Last night when I thought the gift giving was done for the day I received a package on the front door…and on the box it said Cheryl & Co.!! I could not believe it! First John accused me of ordering myself some cookies, and I had to tell him no way (as I was making cookies at the time).

Last year I tried a Cheryl & Co. cookie for the first time at work, and discovered the BEST COOKIES EVER! How had I not had one of these frosted pieces of heaven before? The cookies weren’t even in my department but I was able to steal about 3 of them. After that I sent out an email to some of you telling you that if you needed to get someone a gift and didn’t know what to get them, then get them some Cheryl & Co. cookies. I was really dropping the hint to my mom in hopes that she would order some for the family, but that did not happen. I guess I should have titled the email ‘IF YOU DO NOT BUY THESE COOKIES ONE OF YOUR DOGS MAY SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.’

Even though my mom did not get the hint, my friend Jaymie sure did! I can’t believe she remembered from last year, and that I have a whole box to myself, AND they all have frosting! There are even peppermint ones and chocolate mint flavors in the box. Both new flavors to me! I will be taking the ones I don’t finish with me to Fortuna, so if you are lucky, I might give you one. However I think I will just give my mom a bite and then make her beg for more. Christmas brings out the best in me. What can I say?


Samantha said...

I totally could not remember taking a picture with the three of us and was starting to worry about myself - then I read on. You crazy photoshopper you!

Judy S said...

I love the way you put yourself in that photo! I would never have guessed it was bogus.

Did I get to try a Cheryl & Co. cooky? I don't remember it. Hmmm.
Looks like someone messed up. When peeps of my gen want cookies, they make them. They would feel guilty ordering them on the Internet. So sad...

Thanks for helping me be able to sign in as myself and not "Anonymous"!

Judy S said...

PS: I DO love the sewing kit! How about some photos of the interior? The Eiffel Tower print is so stylish! And the handles--to die for!