Monday, December 17, 2007

Last Party

This past weekend I totally transformed into Christian from PR…in the fact that I was a sewing MAD WOMAN! Ok, so maybe I wasn’t as fast as Christian, but I felt like it at times. I of course waited until the last minute to work on my homemade Christmas gifts. Now I can’t list what they were as some of the receivers of the gifts do read this blog. So you all will have to wait. So sorry suckers. I was able to get them all done yesterday, even though it did take all day. I was pretty pleased with the results, and I do think my awesome sewing teacher Sam would have been proud.

Things have been so busy these last few weeks that I’ve really been behind in my normal holiday season chores…such as wrapping. However John ‘The Gift Wrapping Elf’ showed up yesterday and totally saved the day! He wrapped almost all of the gifts we have bought this year, which is a total first. I’m not saying that he hasn’t wrapped before...just maybe 10% of the gifts we buy. Needless to say I am extremely thankful for his help. I still have a few CDs to burn and some iron on transfers to make, but then I’ll be lookin’ good. Only 4 more days to get it done!

Saturday was more of a fun day than Sunday, as we went and saw No Country for Old Men…or is it Old Country for No Men? Whatever it was, it was really good. The main crazy guy was SO good! He totally creeped me out, (no, I’m not referring to his haircut, but that was also totally creepy).

In his defense, the movie did take place in the 80’s. There were only a few far-fetched items that happened in the plot, but they were minor enough not to drive me too crazy.

We also had John’s bosses holiday dinner at his house. It was pretty fun, and the food was really good, (they had it catered). We tried to show up fashionably late and were almost the last couple to arrive! Talk about a close call!

Once again, I think we were the youngest couple. It’s so weird feeling like you really shouldn't be there. I was just lucky I was able to hang close to John’s side in the beginning…I didn’t really want to chat with the rest of the ladies/moms.

It seemed as though whoever picked thee o' hor dourves was trying just a bit too hard to have unusual items…or maybe it was a little too fru-fru for me. Whatever the case was I wasn’t too fond of them...where was the guac? However…they totally made up for it in the dinner portion. They served prime rib and it was SO good. I rarely order prime rib, (because I’m cheap), but whenever I have it I always forget how much I LOVE it. I totally lucked out and got a great cut w/ a big solid meat center...unlike the poor bloke next to me who had a huge fat streak through the middle of his. But it obviously didn’t slow him down as he ATE THE WHOLE THING. So did the gentlemen to my left. This had not been the first time I had seen someone eat the FAT and all, so I wasn’t too shocked…ok I was! How can they chew that fat and get it down? EWWWW! I get nauseous just thinking about it!

My parents will be proud that I did eat some of my veggies. But the only reason I liked the veggies because they were SO sweet. I think they were coated in sugar, so I’m sure they were good for me. I actually think they were sweeter than the dessert!

I forgot to mention that there were two tables of guests. One main table and a smaller table in another room. I definitely thought we would be sitting at the smaller table, and I was actually a bit miffed when we didn’t, as I knew two of the couples sitting at that table. But instead we sat at the main table, one couple down from the boss himself! So I took that as a good sign. However they sat us man, lady, man and our spouses were sitting across from us…a total pain as I couldn't eat off of John's plate.

We actually wound up staying there until 11pm. I know! It was totally past my bedtime. I tried to make a few jokes about that, like HINT HINT I’m ready to go, but I think people actually thought I was joking! It wasn’t until I nodded off and my head fell and hit the table that I think people finally got the hint.


Sarah said...

I want to know if you had Christian's hairdo. It defies gravity! It's way creepier than that old dude in the country movie.

Those guys ate the fat? Nasty! I can't even eat a piece of the meat that has touched the fat. Ick! You made me throw up a little in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

It's about time that you get into the "corporate world". A fast rising star like John needs a good sober wife.

Judy S said...


I can relate to feeling young at a dinner party. When Daddy was working for Ernst & Ernst in SF, we
had occasion to attend a number of fun dinners, and I always found myself thinking, "Gee! I am the youngest one here." I was 22. The oldest person there was 28! Ancient!

That guy in No Country for Old Men was super creepy! I wonder if he will be type cast...

Jalene said...

Gosh if you like prime rib, just come by our house any day in December. Will is the prime rib king (yes he eats the fat). I threw a temper tantrum about not eating it on Christmas day (as he has made it three times already this month). I swear if I see another bloody slab of beef with a dolop of horseraddish, I'm going to scream...I want poultry! I want poultry!

Daniel and Brianne said...

Really? You liked "No Country for Old Men"? Could you maybe fill me in on what the plot was....all i got was the creepiest man ever kills as many people as possible for no good reason ...and yes, sports a horrible haircut! I had nightmares for weeks! I do love the Coehn brothers though so I may have to subject myself to it one more time to see if I get it the second time as in "The Big Lebowski" worst movie ever turned favorite movie of all time. Hehehe!