Monday, October 13, 2008

Cinque Says What?

Greetings from Cinque Terre! (please note that i cannot do spell check, as it spell checks in italian).

Cinque Terre is so it's like a movie set that you canàt believe it real. There are 5 small towns right on the coast of the Mediterrean Sea. We are staying in the town that is second to the most northernest town.

Today we hiked down to the southern towns and visited them all. I think the town we are staying in is the best...well itàs not THAT small, so at least there are some shops. Although there is just one street. Our hotel is up some really steep steps, but we realized yesterday that we arenàt even staying in the acutal hotel, but a side room that we think used to be an apartment.

We are lucky that our hotel has a mini garden area that hangs over the cliff over looking the sea. On our way up there tonight john was carrying two beers and we saw this group of americans and this lady goes 'Dov'è' and pointed to the beers repeatedly. Then John waits a second and goes 'I totally speak English.' You would have thought he said the funniest thing EVER as all the ladies totally cracked up. Even if john would have answered the lady in italian we know she probably wouldnàt have understood him. John is convinced that ladies from the age of 40 to 85 love his natural carisma. (Can you tell he is sitting here helping me write this blog, after a bottle of vino?)

Anyway, we are having a great time. It's nice to not be in the city, in some quiet town. We are hiking north tomorrow to the only beach, and hopefully it wonàt be too crowded.

Next we are off to Bologna for a night, and then to Venice for the remainder of our time here. I think thatàs about it. Nothing else too exciting to report. Hope you all are doing well!


Anonymous said...

Cinque Terre is where Chris and Wen got engaged!

Mauleigh said...

OH that sounds so fun and beautiful! I'm glad you guys are able to see more county and have fun at the beach tommorow!

Judy S said...

This sounds like a wonderful place. Yeah,
I can kind of tell John is helping you write
after a bottle of vino. Your spelling is a
dead giveaway!