Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ni Lu the Helpful

Greetings from Siena! Sorry about the last entry not being complete. i only had a half an hour = no time to check for typeos or misleading HTML code, which caused some of the paragraphs to disappear.

Anyway, we are at a very interesting internet cafe, where the guy working here is rocking out AND singing to all these all American 80's songs.

We arrived in Siena today after a somewhat stressful train adventure, and me not feeling 100% due to a sore throat. It could be because i'm getting sick, or because i drank a bottle of wine last night. just kidding! Or am i? When in Rome right?

WE havenàt been far here in Siena, just to the nearest gelato shop and then here since john is trying to figure out what is up with Wachoiva, and who he is now working for. Dispite our lack of touring the small town, so far it looks REALLY neat and old. like everything else around here. our plan here is to explore the town and take it somewhat easy.

Back to Rome...we conquered St. peter's and the Vatican museums yesterday. Saw some great artwork including the sistene chapel and battled more tour groups. I cannot believe how many tourists are in Rome and how many HUGE groups. The line was about 2 hours to get up to the top of the Cathedral yesterday so we opted not to waste our time and headed back this morning and had NO wait. I'm so glad we did because it was totally worth it.

I think that is about it for now. i hope you all are well! We miss you!


Sarah said...

Sounds fantastic! I'm totally jealous.

Judy S said...

Dennis says Wells Fargo and some other bank are fighting over Wachovia. The other bank is suing Wells Fargo, but Wells Fargo was the successful bidder! It is very dramatic.

What is "Ni Lu the Helpful"?

I hope you aren't getting sick.