Monday, October 20, 2008

It's 4am and I Must be Jet Lagged*

Why am I not in Italy right now?

Why does it feel weird to be in my own house?

Why do I want a huge plate of pasta right now?

Why can I not sleep when I was just awake for 27 hours?

Am I really up at 4:30am?

Well obviously we made it back to the good 'ole USA. I am incredibly sad to be back and still high from all the fun we had. I really was up for 27 hours yesterday but it did include a 2 hour mini nap on the plane. I was lucky that I was able to sleep. Poor John didn't. Maybe that is why he is sleeping now and slept the whole 3 hour drive to SLO. We actually had to get up at 3am to catch the water taxi to the airport, even though our flight was at 7am. We landed at 1:30pm but our bodies were thinking it was bedtime (10:30pm). Thanks to some caffeine I was able to make the drive north.

The whole trip home went well and we were lucky enough, (again), to have John's sister pick us up from the airport. She always hooks us up and we are always so thankful. This time however she and Michael took us straight to In-n-Out and we were pumped! We devoured our food so fast. (Not that we missed fast food, although John missed meat, but we had total crap to eat on the airplane for 13 hours. Except for my fave blood orange juice, but that's a story for another time).

Oops! John just came in here saying that my twinkle fingers were keeping him up. Whatever dude!

Anyway, we were totally pumped on the meal until about 15 minutes later and then we both felt like crap. Welcome home. What was the deal? Molly mentioned it was probably all the preservatives we just ate. ARGH! See this is why I need to be back in Italy. I do not want to ruin my body with preservatives. Plus it is nice not to really have to worry if I have B.O. Let me tell you I was totally rank yesterday!

I also came home to a super clean car! Michael totally got, (or washed himself), my car cleaned AND dusted the inside dash! Can you believe it! You have NO IDEA how bad my car needed it. It had been on my to do list for a few weeks, and now I can cross that puppy off! It's nice enough to be able to have free parking for two weeks, but to come back to a clean car as well? You've got to be kidding!

After the drive home yesterday I realized that I no longer want to drive. So if any of you want to meet me for lunch we can only go to the places in the shopping center near my house. First let me say it was totally weird to actually be driving, and I was so touchy with the break/gas pedal that I think I made John car sick in his sleep.

How are there really that many bad drivers out there? Or should I say so many UNAWARE drivers? I couldn't believe that I experienced more anger in the 3 hour drive, then the whole 19 days I was on vacay. I only had small bouts of anger on the trip when someone was walking slow in front of me, but let me tell you that it is WAY easier to pass a slow walker than a slow driver!

Plans for today:
- Try to catch up on my Google Reader. (I think I've got over 2000 items?)
- Download photos. (I think there are around 1200? You better get prepped now for the viewings!)
- Nap #1
- Laundry. (We actually packed really well and I was really proud. We packed enough clothes for half our trip and then were able to do laundry the very day when we both only had on pair of clean undies left. Even though I know John wanted to just bring a back pack, it was good he didn't because our suitecases were full on the way home. Due to my souvenirs of course! You know I don't know if John even got one...hmmmm. If that is the case, how did I make it home with 2 purses, a pair of shoes, a new coat and some jewelry?)
- WALK to the grocery store. (And try not to throw my back out by carrying all the vittles home.)
- Nap #2
- Catch up on my Oprah's and other necessary TV shows. (We only had 2% available space left on our DVR when we got home last night! The horror! You would not believe the amounts of TV we need to watch. I'm still praying I don't find out who won Project Runway. We did watch two episodes of The Office last night. During the end of our trip I noticed John's serious withdrawal symptoms when more then once he used the 'That's what she said joke,' so I knew that was what we had to watch first.)
- Call my hairdresser. (I got a message that she broke her leg in 2 places!)
- Nap #3 (So I have no idea if I really will need three naps, but as long as it's on my to do list I won't feel bad if in fact that does happen.)
- Get some vitamin D. (Has it been sunny here? Our last few days in Venice were pretty overcast. Maybe I should reward myself for planning a successful vacay by laying out in the back yard as I think I am running low on that very important vitamin.)
- Prepare dinner. (AKA get John a burrito, as that was really his MAJOR withdrawal.)
- Find out the details from my friend Maggie as I really think she went and saw NKOTB in concert!
- Hopefully chat/talk to some of you sleepy heads out there! Why am I the only one on gmail chat right now?

Ummm how did that list get so big? I was really planning on not doing anything when I got home except maybe laundry. Crap. Nothing like coming back to reality when less than 48 hours ago I was eating a piece of pizza the size of my face and riding on a gondola. Total Crap.

*Please note that I totally sole my blog title from Brianna's blog, because seriously...when am I ever going to be up at this hour again, and feel like blogging?


Sarah said...

Glad you're back! Can't wait to hear all the stories!

Anonymous said...


Glad you had a fabulous trip. Can't wait to see all the pics!

Lori R.

Maggie said...

YES, I really DID go to NKOTB!!! We have to catch up now that you're back! Maybe we can have some phone time whenever you need an excuse to be procrastinating...? Glad you had so much fun on your vacay!

PS: The concert was def Top 5, maybe even vying for the top spot on that list! Oh, and In-n-Out kind of makes me sick, too.

Judy S said...

Hey, your dad tells me that NKOTB stands for New Kids on the Block. Say it isn't so!

Welcome back!