Monday, October 20, 2008

Production Update

Remember that sweet 'to do' list I made 10 hours ago? Guess how many things I can check off it?

12? Nope.

10? Nope.

7? Nope.

5? Nope.

Only 4. Ok...I thought it was going to be only 2, but I just reread it and now I don't feel that bad. Scratch that...I do feel bad. Well I could feel worse if 3 our of the 4 were my multiple naps.

The following have been complete:
- Called my hairdresser, and left her a message. Found out from a mutual friend that she just got home yesterday from the hospital. She broke her ankle in two places and then had to have surgery on Friday night. All she did was take out the trash and stepped on some uneven ground. I feel so bad for her!
- I did get to chat with a few of you out there, and talk to a few peeps on the phone too, however I have yet to reschedule my hair appointment and schedule my next body scan. Ugh.
- I got John a breakfast burrito this morning. Does that count for the dinner one I was planning on getting him? I think it might cancel out since I had to DRIVE to get the food. Let me tell you I still hate driving. Hence one reason I have yet to leave the house again. Since 9am.
- I did download all the photos, but had a set back when the camera battery died and I had to wait to recharge it.
- I am currently doing laundry. Only 5 loads...2 more to go, but I can't cross that off until they are done.
- The only item I am proud of marking off my list is that I'm down to 962 items in my Google Reader! Yeah! However due to the fact that I've been sitting here for most of the day I feel like total crap. I can't believe how sedentary I've been all day. Plus my breakfast and lunch have also made me feel bad. I really hope it's because at lunch time my body was feeling like it was 11pm, and not that I've become allergic to ALL American food. Well maybe that wouldn't be so bad. I might have to move for health reasons.

I am planning on walking to the store after I publish this blog, so at lest when I get back I'll be able to mark off 5 things. Oh maybe I'll mark of two and count the walk as getting some vitamin D. However that is still sad since I haven't even completed 50% of the items.

Since I'm sure this post has been so uplifting for you all I thought I really would try to end it on a positive note. I resized a few photos from the trip today that I sent to John at work and they are below for your enjoyment.

The first day of our trip, (in Roma), we headed to the Colosseum. It was too cool for words.

I had the BEST pizza in Rome. However I was not happy that the majority of my cheese was sliding off the crust.

On our last day we climbed up to the top of St. Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican City. We got their early to avoid the crowds. Once again it was too cool for words.

After Roma we took a train to Sienna. Behind us is the main clock tower and square, which we did climb, however we realized that it was smarter to climb this other structure to get a good shot of the tower. Do you agree?


Sarah said...

What? No naps so far? You are seriously slacking! You could have have 2 more things off the list.

Judy S said...

Love the photos! When do we get to see photos of the Hallowe'en partay?????