Saturday, October 11, 2008

Half Way Home

Greetings from Firenze! It is our last night here and tomorrow we are heading to the coast. A few random thoughts that I thought of during dinner:

1. I have not had any ice or drinks with ice for the last 10 days
2. I had not had any meat until tonight when John got a florentine style steak that he devoured like a mad man! And he's not even a big fan of steak. Although he did have some rabbit a few days ago, and TRICKED me into having some chicken liver pate last night.
3. The only veggies I've had in the last 10 days have been tomatoes on bruschetta
4. I had the unfortunate experience of seeing some dudes butt crack on the stairs at the train station. If you are going to rock gangsta pants make sure to rock the underwear as well.
5. We are totally pumped that the dollar is getting stronger everyday!

Overall Florence is a beautiful city and definetly different then the other ones we have been too. Unfortunately I did catch a bad cold, but am hoping that I am on the road to recovery however John just got his first signs of a sore throat today. When we were in Sienna we went to the pharmacia and I got some meds...hoping they were safe since I couldn't read the instructions. However today we went to get some stronger meds since I'm still feeling bad and we wound up getting ammoxicillian (sp) over the counter for 4 euros!!! Isn't that awesome? Anyone need me to pick you up anything? Seriously though I'm tempted to see if they have any of my thyroid meds in stock. That could save me some serious cashola.

We are half way done with our trip, which is quite sad, but I am so thankful that we are here longer than a week. I couldn't imagine having to come home already.

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Judy S said...

Dear Amber,

I am happy that the dollar is getting stronger there. Too bad the whole world has to be on the brink of a depression in order for the dollah to look good!

Definitely check out the thyroid meds. You might get a bargain. Can't believe you got Amoxicillin OTC. Guess they aren't concerned about Superbugs in Europe.

You are 1/2 way there, but we are beginning our trip home tomorrow. First to Boston tomorrow and then flying out on Mon. See you stateside!