Sunday, October 5, 2008

Roming in Roma

Greetings! Well we made it and it is our second day. let me say that this keyboard is different, so please excuse the type-os.

The flight was a killer...traveling for about 24 hours total...and let me say that i did not smell pretty when we finally arrived at 1am Roma time. i acutally blended in.

Anyway...our luggage did get lost, but thanks to my mom she taught me a long time ago to always travel with a few extra undies in case of a situation like this. THANK GOODNESS! And John was totally saved taht i had another shirt, since it would not have been pretty had i had to wear that suckre again!

So my body still isnàt on Rome time yet...i feel a little off...also geting use to the culture shock takes a bit of time. I am SO glad we took that italian class let me tell you! Granted we still hardly understand anything, but the little that we do totally helps...even though we are always speaking itlain AND SPanish. I feel ilke a dork. I.E. john tried to make resarvs at one place and didnàt realize that he was speaking spanish!

We are staying wtihin walking distance to the Colessum and went there yesterday as well as the Forum and the Palentine Hill. That was a TON to take in and i was pretty exhustaed after there. We did have a FABULOUS lunch of homemade pastsa. Americanàs really need to kick t up a knotch.... why canàt we alway have homemade pasta? Is it really that difficult?

Today we started off and went to this really creepy church that was decoracted in old monk bones. SO WERID! in fact it was so weird it made me feel al little naucious. i thought i could handle it, but wrong-o. John thought it was GREAT. Which it was neat, but i couldnàt get past that the bones came from bodies and some still had skin on it... and complete skeletons standing there in monk robes.

We just had the BEST pizza for lunch. it was huge...oh and had some gelato for an appitizer. Today is a pretty leasurly day, as tomorrow we are heading to the vaitcan. We know that will be intense, but i canàt wait.

it also rained on us off and on, and of course our rain costa were in our luggage, but we bought a cheap umbrella...oh and we did get our luggage last night! i was so excited to have my pjs.

last night we also found an Irish pub where john had a guiness and i had a cider... SO GOOD! I know we are close to the UK, but i really didnàt think that i would get to have some cider on tap. However i have the feelin that i only weill get that here in Rome, since it is the biggest city we are visitng.

Well i thihnk that is about it. i will try to write more if possible!

Ciao bitches!

nuns hate escalators..story. later


Anonymous said...

So glad you've got your luggae. It sounds like you're having a great time and I can't wait to hear about the nuns.

Nathan and Emily said...

Brava! Have a fantastic trip! I am so jealous! Kiss a cute Italian for me if John isn't looking.

Judy S said...

Lucky us! Sarah wrote and told me your blogspot address, which neither Daddy or I could remember.

Check you blog, because there are some incomplete paragraphs.

I am humbly gratified that any of my travel advice helped you out during the loss of your luggage. And maybe my misplaced luggage in Scotland this summer helped drive the point home to be prepared, which I really wasn't (didn't follow my own advice!). Well, you can be sure I
had the essentials carefully packed for our current trip to Boston. Just shows an old dog (don't want to say "bitch") can still learn. Enjoy Italy and have a few gelatos for ME!