Friday, December 19, 2008

Does Oprah eat this?

Last week John and I received an early Christmas gift to ourselves. I few weeks prior to last we were watching the Food Network and they had a show on about Chicago Pizza vs. NY Pizza...which was better. We only caught the end of the show where they were focusing on the Chicago pizza, but it was very interesting. So interesting in fact that we decided to order some pizza online! (One minor downfall to having easy access to your computer while watching TV).

One of the best pizza places in Chicago, we learned, was pizza by Lou Malnati's. So good that you could have it delivered to your door frozen. They came packaged on dry ice:
We ordered a cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and spinach.
John and I both couldn't wait to try it since neither of us had ever had Chicago style pizza, (that we could remember).

A before photo of the pepperoni:
My piece of heaven:
Over all it was really good, but I did feel like I ate a pound of cheese. This week we tried the cheese pizza, and the pepperoni was much better. The cheese wasn't that flavorful.

It's definitely a different kind of pizza then NY or Italy. We met quite a few peeps from Chicago on our trip, and I'd always ask them if the pizza was better in Italy. The responses were mostly the same that they were two different to compare, and now I know what they meant.

If you know of a pizza lover then this would be a great gift, however I'm still partial to thin crust pizza.


Big D said...

I bought a Chicago style pizza from Papa Murphy's last week. It was a stuffed pizza and wasn't very good. It had tons of crust and was not very tasty. Your mother took one bite and threw the piece away.

Sarah said...

I hate you! So far I know you've ordered pizza and cupcakes online. I've never done that! I want to do that. Maybe I hate myself. In 2009 I WILL order food online and take pics and make you jealous.

Daniel and Brianne said...

I too saw that show and am excited to hear the results of actually odering some of the deep dish pizza was delicious. I am a HUGE fan of chicago style! Cool idea!