Friday, December 5, 2008


This Thanksgiving was very mellow. Maybe it was because John's 4 nieces and nephew weren't celebrating it with us...ya think?

It seems like every other year we host it and since we hosted last year, we headed down to Molly's, (my sister-in-law), place in Santa Monica. We watched a little football and hung out until it was time to eat. We were supposed to eat in between 1 and 2 and were waiting for one of Molly's friends to show up. Once it was 2:15 we could not wait any longer. I felt bad that we ate without her, but she did show up an hour late.

The meal was really tasty and it was the first time I had ever been to a Thanksgiving with tofurky. John and I both tried it, and I must say that it didn't taste like much. Maybe a little like chicken? Molly and her friend were the vegetarians, and they both agreed that it tasted more like turkey if you ate it with some cranberry sauce.

This was also the first time I had ever been to a Thanksgiving without a turkey. Normally when John and I host, we make a turkey for our guests...not for us. Our meat of choice is ham. Since Molly knew this she provided us with a nice honey baked ham. (Did you know you are supposed to serve those at room temperature? Isn't that weird? Do you like cold ham? I sure don't.) We were both totally satisfied with the ham, but on the way home John mentioned that he kind of missed the turkey, and I surprisingly agreed. I don't think we missed eating the turkey, but I think we missed the presence of a turkey. Maybe next year I'll get a big plastic one and use it as a center piece.

We left early the next morning and headed to Bakersfield where we drove 20 proprieties for John's job. Some were drive-bys but we also went into some pretty dirty places with cockroaches. It was really nice being home for the weekend and it allowed us to get our house prepped for Christmas.

Here are a few photos from turkey day.

Who is this man in the kitchen? He doesn't look like he has any idea what he is peeling. (Just kidding! That is just Michael faking you out.)

I asked John to put the candied walnuts on the pumpkin trifle I made. Can you tell what animal he created out of them?

Here is John and his tasty looking meal:
Molly, Michael, and the pups:
Clyde was sitting directly behind me on the couch. You can't really get the perspective in this photo, but it was pretty ridiculous. I'm not sure why he looks so guilty.
Of course I couldn't end this entry without a video! here is John and his Thanksgiving Day Dance:


Sarah said...

#1 You definitely need a large plastic turkey to use as a centerpiece. That's just classy!

#2 The turkey trifle is awesome! Or maybe it was a tofurky trifle.

#3 Clyde is trying to intimidate you. He wants your ham. He's in a veggie only house and is jonesing for some pork.

Jalene said...

I don't know if it's my computer, but once the video clip is done playing, it looks like John has a flame tatoo on his left arm. I think he should get one!