Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A few weekends ago John and I headed up to Atascadero to walk around the lake and look at the homes that were decorated. We've done this for the past two years, as my friend Steph organizes it. The highlight was definitely the food and company at Steph's house before we headed to the lake. This year seemed some what lack luster than last year. I think there were fewer homes decorated, and way less people. I did get to snack on some free hot chocolate, apple cider, and popcorn though, so it made walking by the dark houses less painful.

Here is a photo of Lucas checking out the lights:
Here is John striking a pose:
Here is Steph and I trying to get warm. (Is it also bad that I wanted to post this photo to show my mom that I wore the hat and scarf she knitted me? Yes I'm wearing two scarfs. For some reason I didn't bring my really warm coat, so John forked over his scarf.)
As I was writing this entry I wanted to link to the entry I wrote last year of this event, and then I realized that I didn't write one! I knew I had gotten some good photos, and I can't believe I didn't post them.

Sooooo just for your viewing pleasure I'm going to post a few from last year. Here is John and I both look a bit crazed. It must have been the cold. It was a lot colder last year.
Here is myself, Ellie, and Steph.
Last but not least here is Lucas. Look how small he was! He was totally stylin' in his Santa outfit though.


Sarah said...

I can't believe that's Lucas!! He was just born a couple months ago. Or maybe it just seems that way. Possibly because I only know of him in blog-land. Cute scarf/hat!

Judy S said...

Good job wearing your scarf and hat!! The
jaunt around the lake sounds like fun!