Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grinch Found in SLO

Before the 49er game today, John and decided to go get some Gus' sandwiches, (our Sunday football tradition). When I opened the garage door I noticed that part of the Christmas lights that were hung above the garage were hanging down. I was kind of shocked since they have been up for over a week. Then I noticed that one light was missing which I thought was even weirder. THEN...I noticed that about the last 10 lights were missing at the end of the strand. (The strand was longer then the roof line, so we placed the end of it in a bush next to our garage.)

So yeah...ummmmmm...who STOLE our light bulbs???

Was it a neighbor that was concerned that the lights might set the bush on fire?
Probably not if they were on fire patrol, because why would they take the lights? You'd think they would have left the lights on the ground.

Was it the neighbor whose bush we were 'borrowing'?
That would really shock me since we use the bush every year. Plus if it was the neighbor don't you think they would have come over and asked us to put the lights somewhere else? Well maybe with a normal neighbor. We have lived here for 3 years and I've never really met the home owner....and her name is Amber.

Was it the neighbor's roommates? Did they come home drunk and then decide to steal them?

This is my desperation theory as it doesn't really make sense.

I'd really like to write up a nasty sign and hang it on the bush where the lights were, but I probably won't.

I was expression our light whoas to our nice neighbors tonight and they told us how last year someone placed their two white mechanical reindeer in the 'mounting' position and they were no longer functional this year. Was it the same pervy person who took our lights? Whose knows, but thank goodness we don't have our lawn gnomes on out in the front yard.


Daniel and Brianne said...

Crazy! Some people are so rude! I think it is dedinitely the work of a Grinch...

P.S. You really shouldn't mention Gus's. Its not nice to those who can't partake in its deliciousness! hehe :)

Sarah said...

That's awful! I don't understand what would motivate someone to mess with things in someone else's yard without talking to them about it.

But the mounting reindeer is hilarious!

Judy S said...

I do have some limited experience in the areas of Xmas lightbulb stealing and inanimate objects doing the "nasty". Maybe we can profile the perps.

First of all, when brother Brian was a teenager, he stole some lightbulbs from a neighboring display. I don't know why he did it.

Secondly, as some of you may remember, I had students in a certain Spanish class that liked to place my stuffed animals in compromising positions... Methinks we are dealing with teens...