Thursday, December 11, 2008

So cute and practical!

Here is a photo of a quilt that I made with my friends Jen and Sam for a mutual friend of ours who is having a baby girl next month. Ok, I didn't really help them with it. I did help pick out the fabric, but when it came time to sew I couldn't meet up with them. I think it was the weekend my family was in town. See...I did have a legit excuse. Plus, sewing straight lines is the easiest. I'm always game for that.

I was so pleased to see the final product and to see how well all of the colors went together. I love how the pink and green compliment each other. Jen and Sam, you guys did a great job with assembling it all!

I have a few more crafty Christmas gifts I'm working on, but I can't post them on here as some of the recipients read the blog. You'll have to wait for after the gifts are given. Sorry!


Daniel and Brianne said...

Too cute! Those are the best gifts because they last forever and always hold a special meaning since its handmade.

Sarah said...

I love it!