Saturday, October 9, 2010

Arles #1

During our mid day break today John and I decided to check out our hotels mini pool in their mini spa. As result we took a nap = no blog for you. Sorry!

So far we love Arles. It is such a cite, quaint town and reminds us of sienna. We walked all over the town today and got to see a lot of locations of where Van Gogh himself painted. Including be cafe below which he painted cafe terrace at night.

Arles is also a town that used to be he main town that connected Rome and Spain. As a result there is a coliseum in the middle of town and any other Roman ruins. It is fascinating.

I forgot to take photos with my phone in the first half of the day but I did try to get some more food photos for you that were asking.

I will try to wrote more tomorrow but on Sunday we head to Nice and I will have quite a few hours on the train to write.

Hope you all are doing well!

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Sarah said...

I love that ice cream cone! Although that doesn't really look like ice cream, so I like that cone!

chrrrrrs said...

double scoop ice cream....damn. i'm drooling.