Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paris Update #2

NOTE: I did not double check this entry for grammar or spelling. I also want to apologize if some of you have seen the photos below on Facebook. I still have a few readers who are not on FB, hence the reason for the duplication. (And I am too lazy to get on FB to double check what I posted)

I am currently on a train to Lyon. Have I mentioned how much I love having my iPhone with me on this trip? It really is the best.

I am sad to say that our Paris adventures are over. Man that was a fast four days! I still cannot believe how big of a city Paris is. There is so much to see and do that we definitely did not have time for everything.

Since I last blogged we traveled up the eiffel tower which was really neat and luckily we had fairly clear skies. It definitely wasn't sunny but we had a sweet view. We also got there right when it opened and only had to wait a half an hour to get to the top. Granted I feel totally exhausted from all of our sight seeing and not sleeping in but it is worth it.

After the tower we headed over to the island where the notre dame is. Can you believe I had no idea it was in an island? I really wonder what the heck I was doing/observing 13 years ago. There is actually another small island next tot he larger islands which had some really cute streets. John and I were able to take our time and got to take a few mini breaks too.

We have come to find out that the cages here in Paris are similar to the pubs in england, as they almost always have really good basic food. For example, I have gotten two tomato and mozzarella salads and BOTH were better than any I have ever had in the states. Point made.

I expected Paris to be more like Italy because they are so close to each other geographically. Boy was i wrong! We were hoping to find coffee bars for quick drinks in the mornings but most places are sit down and of course you never seen any to go cups. Wait! I did see one but it was a Starbucks cup. Surprise surprise.

We have has two good cappichinos at our lunches and man...they really taste nothing like the ones in the US. I wonder if I will acclimatize in the next week and a half...then be mad when I get home because they don't taste the same.

We spent part of yesterday in an area called Montmarte. It was a really cute town where they also filmed the French movie Amelie. We first went to the church sacre coure and climbed to the top. The view was awesome but it looked as though the very tip of the effeil tower was covered in fog! We were very thankful we went the day before to the tower. Lucky!

Once we came down from the church we headed over to the two windmills cafe where Amelie worked in the movie. We decided to eat lunch there so we could be crazy stalker fans and not feel bad about it. It was a good choice too because we had another great meal. He cafe wasn't exactly the same as the movie but pretty close. The bar looked the same but the cigarette station was not there, but the bathroom was the same as well. I may have to do a separate post on when I get back home.

I also must say that ALL of the French people we have dealt with have been so nice. Not really different from when I was here 13 years ago. It kills me how everyone thinks they are rude.

Anyway, after lunch John and I were able to go to this fancy bakery for macaroons which we sampled in the Luxembourg gardens. They were so soft they practically fell apart to the touch. I think citrus was my fave.

Last night we ate dinner at a restaurant featured on anothony bourdain's 100th episode of no reservations. We tried to eat at a few of the other places he ate at on the show but they were all booked. Let me tell you that the dinner was one of the most unusual dinners I have ever had. It was modern french food with crazy flavor combinations that tasted really good together. In fact it was a set menu so we also had no idea what we were going to be eating. The food its self was art. I don't have any photos of the food on my phone or i would post them. I think that meal deserves its own post as well.

We also sat super close to a couple from Cleveland. They were really nice and we even joined them for a drink after dinner.

Today we went to a couple more specialty bakeries and started out with a major sugar rush from more macaroons. I hate to think what the remaining ones look like right now in my camera bag. Poor lil buddies.

We had enough time to visit the garden area of the Rodin museum (which only cost a pound!) and saw the thinker. I had no idea so many of his pieces were outside but it was really fascinating.

Now we are on the train. I must say that I LOVE to travel by train. Good, fast, trains that is. Of course I only start enjoying the ride once I find the correct platform and get in the right car and in the right seats. Unlike in Italy we have assigned seats for all of our upcoming rides = less stress for me! There was just a couple down the aisle totally mKinging out really loudly, but other then that the scenery is awesome.

Well this blogging has pooped me out. I need a cappichino.

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Sarah said...

Love the update! Sounds like a great trip!!

Mauleigh said...

Ohh!! Those photo's make me want to go back! So glad you're hitting nice frenchies too!

Lori R. said...

Aren't the cappuccino's the best? One of the things I loved about Paris is the fact that it is so unhurried and that you can just sit and relax at the cute little corner cafe's and enjoy the scenery...something we just don't do here in America :)

Sarah said...

Ok I seriously think next time you need to take me with you. I can be your official blog transcriber or something.