Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nice #1

On the train ride to Nice the scenery reminded me a lot of Cinque Terre. I don't know why that surprised me because Cinque is right down the coast.

It was overcast when we arrived which was a bummer but at least it wasn't raining. We were starving so our first stop was lunch. we split a gigantic cheese pizza, which was great and cheaper than Paris.

We also found a funny typo on their menu.

Next we headed down to the water/main walkway where we noticed there was a hill towards the East that was calling us to climb it.

The view was really great but I only imagined how blue the ocean normally looks on a sunny day. There were actually a few people in the ocean despite the weather. I did touch the water (without falling in...John has video) and it seemed pretty warm. Also did you know that the beach is all rocks? The only sand was two small man made areas. So bizarre.

For dinner we headed into the old town and went to a place that looked touristy but had quite a few locals. Directly to our right were three young ladies where two of them dominated some linguine with mussels. The third however just sat there and smoked and texted. I didn't even think she was with them but she got up and left with them.

Right next to us on our left were two dudes who totally cracked us up. First when we sat down there was a plastic bag on our table that looked like someones leftovers. Come to find out it was the dudes next to us and apparently they didn't think we minded their bag on our small table?

A little while later one of the dudes knocks his bread basket on the floor towards us, which I think he apologized for but who knows? You know I couldn't understand a word either of them were saying!

We get our food and it was outstanding homemade pasta. I could not eat it fast enough. Apparently it looked like it was giving me some difficulties as the guy next to me pointed to my spoon and rambled something in French. I told him 'oui oui' and then continued to fight with my noodles sans spoon. Regardless of what that dude thought I am not a pasta rookie!! I just see no point in the spoon when i have twirling skills.

As we were finishing up our meals the dude diagonal to me accidentally nudged my leg. He then began apologizing and then grabbed his knife to protect himself from John if John thought he was making a move. So funny.

After dinner we set out to find a ice cream place mentioned in one of our travel books. We found one of their locations but it was closed so we went to the next best thing...a chain called Pinoccio's. It actually was pretty good as we wound up going there every night...however I would say they served ice cream not gelato. Regardless it was still tasty.

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Sarah said...

I love how this had so many food stories. Almost makes me feel like I'm there with you. Have fun!

Big D said...

Oui oui always works. Your trip sounds very exciting.