Sunday, October 10, 2010

Arles #3

To start off our second day in Arles we checked out the local 'farmers' market. We could not believe how big it was and it was so neat to see the different things they sold. It was more like stores set up mini stores. For example the butcher set up shop with a complete refrigerated case on the street. Other highlights include cheese, olive, spices, veggies, and breads. There was so much variety and the quality looked really good. All of the old ladies were there early and would run you down if you were in their way. There were even a few different vendors who were selling paella on the street. Gigantic pan and all. We tried some and it was pretty good. Not sure if it was because it was 10:30 in the morning or what. Here is a photo. It isn't that impressive.

I did think a gypsy was following us through he market thinking that we were going to be her next victims but no such luck for her! We did see some police but they seemed much more interested in the roasting chickens than the gypsies.

After the market we headed to the coliseum which was in the middle of the town. It was really neat and they currently hold bull fights in it.

Today was such a nice relaxing day. We strolled to a coffee shop that was recommended in one of our travel books. It was tucked in a total locals neighborhood where the only tourists we saw were lost ones. The cappichinos were good and we had some great people watching. I even saw my first pommeraianin chein! It was soooo cute.

After walking around some more we decided to go to the ice cream place we went to the day before. Once again it was tasty.

We also finally found a decent priced clothing store! I cannot tell you how many shops I've seen where their cheapest item in the window is 115 euros. As some of you know I did my best to hardly buy any clothes this year so I could by some on this trip. Apparently the cheapskate in me still won't let me. But that all ended when we found this shop!! I was able to get a few different shirts for 29 euros each. John even found a total euro sweater with a gigantic collar, which i think makes him look like Bruno.

After our shopping we needed to refuel so we went to a pizzeria near the coliseum. Let me tell you that it was so good.

It was a four cheese that included goat cheese. Did I tell you that I have been getting goat cheese with every meal? Who knew it was so good here and who knew they serve it on everything? John said when we get back home I can get a goat for our five feet backyard so I can started making my own cheese. Sweet!

It also looked like either the owners or waitresses dog was hanging out in the dining room...just napping.

We continued our shopping excursions after lunch to get a few more souvineers and tasty treats. I had been seeing meringue everywhere around here so I decided to buy some. Not a little cookie but a giant piece! It was really good but of course I got too much.

John on the other hand decided to get callissons which we saw on the Anthony Bourdain special. Those are the little triangle candies in the photo. They too were really good.

Overall we really enjoyed our stay in Arles. Now we are on a train heading to Nice and I think my seat is too close to the bathroom, if yeah know what I am sayin'.

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the actor's diet said...

i've been loving all your blogging adventures via iphone (i personally HATED my wordpress app but i'm wondering if yours is more tolerable)

have fun!!!

Sarah said...

I hope you're happy because now I want pizza and ice cream.