Monday, October 25, 2010

Paris Day 1

I finally got around to looking through the first day of photos from our trip. Here are a few to wet your appetite. I'm hoping to get the some of them uploaded to ofoto this week, but right now they are uploading at a snails pace.
Outside of the Louvre
One of my fave paintings in the Louvre. I was so excited that I found the right room. Can you believe the scale?
After the Louvre we walked down to the Arc.
On the metro.
The tower.
I loved all the metro signs throughout the city and I tried to take photos of all the ones I saw.

Hopefully more photos to come!


the actor's diet said...

aaaah! so jealous - it's where me and my hubby want to go together. when i was last there in high school i sprained my ankle at the louvre!!!

Sarah said...

The Metro pics are hilarious!