Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mini blog

Greetings! Well we made it to Paris after 20 hours of traveling. That trip is a killer! We left around 12 and arrived at 9am USA time. I think I got about four hours of sleep but John only got about two.

Luck would have it that my bag some how did not make our transfer but john's did. Luckily I had a back up change of clothes in my carry on and some other clothes in john's suitcase. However I did not have any hair products in my carryon even though I had 85% of my bathroom stuff with me. Somehow my hair didn't turn out that bad today but I did snag a hair dyer from the front desk for the rest of our stay.

Last night we left our hotel right after we checked in to make it to dinner at where they serve everyone the same thing. Salad, steak, and frites. It was packed and we still had to wait an hour because we got there at 7:10 instead of 7. Oh well. They did seat us at a table for one so it was a tad crammed.

After dinner we walked near the eiffel tower which was all lit up and we even got to see a mini sparkly light show.

We walked a little further and then headed back to our hotel. It took us 50 minutes to get back. Yeah our hotel is in bfe. We got back and were so tired.

When the alarm went off this morning at 7am we were both still tired! However we got moving and headed to the louvre. I could not believe how many tourists are in this city! The museum was packed but we cranked it out. On of the best things was that John hD downloaded Rick steeves audio guide which was perfect.

Next we headed to lunch where John got a hamburger patty with a fried egg on top. Kind of weird but the frites were great.

After that we continued to walk towards the arc du triomphe. Once we got there we climbed to the top. I think it will be the easiest climb we will have on the whole trip.

Here is a photo from the top and bottom.

We then walked over to the tower hoping the line would be short but it wasn't so we traveled across the river for photo opps.

Now we are resting until dinner at 8pm. Hopefully I will be able to blog more later. You never k ow about this Internet connection.

One last photo of John on the metro. I love the metro here. It is as easy as the Underground.

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Syddison said...

What is MINI about this blog. I loved all the info and the pictures are such a bonus. I thought I would have to wait weeks to see any photos. I am sorry about your bag, but so happy to hear you and John are having fun, seeing great sights, and enjoying yummy French Meals!! Can't wait for more updates. Chao! Oops, hasta la that's not it either, aloha? Ni Hao? Adios? Bonjour!! Oh yeah, PLEASE get at least one or two crossiant chocolate si vu pley. For me? Oui?

Jaymiebeth said...

You made it! I agree ... there is nothing MINI about your commentary. But I am living vicariously so keep it coming! Hey, where is the pictures of these amazing frites? I have quite the appetite right now ... and I would love to see them! :)

Sarah said...

Yeah we need pics of the food. You always make it sound so delicious and I love to see them.

Saraholic said...

Great photos amber! p.s. you can get a burger with a fried egg on top at red robin or sonic!